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Sailor Soldiers assemble! Pullip's line of Sailor Guardian dolls is now complete

Okay, we know there are plenty of Sailor Moon goods out there, but for those of you who can’t get enough of the pretty soldiers, we have some more moon prism power studded goodies to share with you! 558 more words


Pullip Sailor Venus

Pullip Sailor Venus is the third doll released in the popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series. It seems kind of strange that she would be the third doll released considering that she is the last of the inner sailor scouts to join the team.  812 more words


Pullip Nella by Groove

Groove has this funny way of taking a doll and re-coloring it, and sometimes that means a gorgeous doll gets overlooked.

Take Pullip Nella, for example. 131 more words


My Yeolume Podo: Joan

Guess who is finally ready for their very first photo shoot! 116 more words

Clear Lan Review

Today was a great mail day! ^.^ After several weeks of waiting for overseas shipping, I finally received my first Clear Lan order! 122 more words

Pullip Laura (Dolly Japan Volume 2 Cover Model)

Groove released a single teaser photo of a new Pullip via their blog last night. Pullip Laura was announced as an upcoming release but no details such as MSRP or release date are known at this time, she is to properly debut at… 508 more words


Pullip Meg

Pullip Meg was released in August of 2014, she was one of the few non-collaboration Pullips released last year. Meg really stands out as being unique among last year’s releases, there weren’t many dolls released that were not a part of a collaboration, a recolor of a previous release or a revamp of a previous release and she is just a really well thought-out and solid release.   1,044 more words