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After 48 years in business, Perfection Tire is well known for it’s professional complete automotive services on all vehicles. However one thing you may not know if you have not visited one of our 19 locations is that we have the friendliest most knowledgeable people in the industry.

•In a Perfect World

The only place where “world” and “earth” differ… is within the MIND. The physical realm that is ever-present has a lesser influence than the celestial realm that allows you to be YOU. 303 more words


To be Grounded

What is foundation?

By definition, the term foundation means the underlying basis of which something stands or is supported. Recently, while engaging in intellectual discourse with one of my colleagues we were discussing the matters of “culture” and why certain individuals find difficulty in accepting newly emerging cultures or disagree with “change” in the culture that they identify with. 232 more words


La vita e le sue scelte: l'autobus e le sue infinite corse

Una riflessione che ho buttato giù tempo fa, la ripropongo qui per riesumare il blog intanto che ultimo i miei nuovi lavori. Ogni giorno facciamo scelte, a volte spaventati dall’infinità di possibilità che potrebbero diramarsi davanti a noi, nascendo da una singola azione; penso che la vita, condita dai bivi di tutti i giorni, sia come l’autobus che ci trasporta verso la meta. 507 more words


Alma Mater

When I was 19, I saw a poster in the hallway of the English Department at Warwick University. It was a type of poster I had never seen before: it was smaller than the average A4 poster and it had a block of cards attached to it that you could tear off and send away. 1,251 more words


Read, Reading, to Read

I have just finished the Jan Gulliou Crusades trilogy and will soon be posting a collective review. I didn’t really see the point in posting a review for the second book in a trilogy as there wouldn’t be much to say that wouldn’t spoil it for everyone. 202 more words


Present -- Tense?

She looks up at the patron standing before her at the desk.  She takes the library card, and asks “How are you doing this fine day?” The patron replies, in a friendly manner, that she is doing quite well.   241 more words