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♡ Mini Haul | Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection

It was only going to be a matter of time before I got my hands on some of the pieces from this amazing collection from Urban Decay. 393 more words


Trip down Halloween lane!


My favourite time of year is upon us and I’m taking a trip dow halloween lane to look at some of my costumes over the last few years, some bad, some good and some just damn slutty from the high school days of course! 89 more words


Pulp Fiction stands test of time on 20th Anniversary of release

Jeffrey Irvine, Independent Film Critic

“Pulp /’pelp/ n. 1. A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter. 2. A magazine or book containing lurid subject matter and being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper.” 783 more words


Bert And Ernie

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“Όταν με ρωτούν αν πήγα σε σχολή κινηματογράφου, τους απαντώ όχι, πήγα στις ταινίες”.

Ο Κουέντιν Τζερόμ Ταραντίνο γεννημένος το Μάρτη του 1963 δεν είναι ένας συνηθισμένος άνθρωπος.


Ranking the Movie Class of 1994

1994 was no doubt a great year for New Englanders.  Not only did Robert Kraft safe the Patriots from moving to St. Louis, but I also began gracing you all with my presence.   487 more words


A Note on Pulp Fiction’s Briefcase 20 Years Later

by Forest Lewis

The macguffin is typically described as that object which the characters in a narrative care a great deal about but the audience does not. 982 more words