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Listerine makes your scalp tingle...

From a wartime issue of Astounding Magazine.

I presume gargling with Head and Shoulders is not as efficacious.


A Bit of the Dark World

From a 1962 edition of Fantastic Magazine, some evocative artwork from Dan Adkins for Fritz Leiber’s masterful story, A Bit of the Dark World… 52 more words

SF Pulps

A pulp opener... what is yours?

I recently stumbled upon this pulp opener. I find it quite powerful, a little masterpiece in its own rights:

There was a desert wind blowing that night.

69 more words

EQMM - Iconic Detectives

Here are some EQMM covers, plus an Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine cover featuring some well known  detectives from the realm of classic mystery. Notice the differences in cover layout of the two magazines . 95 more words

Media Literacy

Pulps and the dual copyright

Just when you think you’ve got a grasp on US copyrights, and have checked through all the records for the author or their estate filing renewals, another quirk raises its head. 593 more words


True Tales of The Pulp Era – The story of Lester Dent and his “Master Plot Formula” for writing Pulp stories.

The pulps what a fascinating time in literature it was. From the 1920’s to the 1950’s when TV’s and paperback novels took over, serialized and short fiction were the main forms of inexpensive entertainment. 3,065 more words


A Savage Communique

(A poem from the series: “Herniated History”)

An early prototype mobile phone used in late
1938 by Dr. Clark Savage Jr. to communicate
with President Franklin D. 176 more words