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The Master's Lair

Eric and Professor Death are ambushed in a deserted warehouse! Ted and Kate follow a suspect only to be captured themselves and taken to “The Master’s Lair.” 9 more words

Waterfront Discovery

Eric and Professor Death, on the trail of their missing friends, break into a mysterious warehouse in chapter 11 of The Choking Rain, “Waterfront Discovery.” What they find will change the course of their lives.

Big Kid Reading Horror Pulp, 1941

The first photo was found at an estate sale and sold on eBay. It looks like a press photo of some sort, but I can’t identify the gent holding the magazine. 26 more words



Chapter 7 of my free serialized novel, The Choking Rain, is available now!


In Chapter 6 of The Choking Rain, “Reunion,” Ted and Kate are rescued from back-alley assassination, while Eric and the rest of the crew investigate the mysterious murder of a man right before his doctor’s eyes!

An Unpleasant Meeting

In Chapter 5 of The Choking Rain, danger stalks the stormy streets as Detective Ted Kane searches for clues to the Invisible Death, but Death of a much more visible kind is right on his heels…  6 more words

Magical Mud Mystery Ride

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It’s Noir or Never !

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A Unique Experience in the Unknown !

Be the First on the Block… 42 more words