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Mash, Pump, Mix

Once I heard this mix/mash-up, I immediately decided to add it to this blog. I enjoy the idea of people creating these mash-ups and workout mixes, because it appeals to so many people. 150 more words


Story time: Why in the heck are you making a third movie anyway Joe?



I think everyone has a moment in their life at a (somewhat young age when they have a good talk or something like that which really gets them towards what they want to and really should be doing. 609 more words

Movie Reviews

A Thing on Writing

Hey guys,

So I just wanted to write a really, really quick post about writing. As you all know, I am a writer, of course I would still be considered an aspiring writing as I haven’t had any veritable recognition or ‘fame’ as a writer (and in a second I’ll talk about my beliefs on such things as fame as a writer), but still, I’ve been writing for almost a decade (a decade in two years, 2016) so I consider myself on the threshold of at least being simply called a ‘writer’. 865 more words

November 2010

11-1-10 Just sighed at me as I was asking her if she needed a time out.
11-4-10 First time at Pump It Up and loved it! 64 more words


P u m p e r

Hai.. Karena aku lagi kangen baaaaaaaaaaaaaangeeeeeeeeet sama PIU, aku mau ngepost tentang PIU hehehe. Nah terus, PIU itu apaan? Piu itu pump it up, mainan yang loncat-loncat. 221 more words