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FarTs, RainBoWs, and DoNuTs.

I Fart Rainbow Donuts.

He stated calmly, rising among others.

Extra-ordinary in every sense of the word cut up word. Extra, meaning in excess, ordinary, meaning not special at all.

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Uke of the uike–Pumped Up Kicks

This song came out in … let me check … 2010. It’s by Foster the People, who had one other song off that album as a single, but it wasn’t as memorable. 199 more words


Lyrics' Influence On National Tragedies

All posts on Lyric Liberty thus far have praised lyrics left and right. However, nothing escapes fault; surely lyrics must come with some negative effects, right? 690 more words

Totally Tanlines!

With an emphasis on the electronic new wave sound of the 80’s, Tanlines brings “All of Me” a song that authentically sounds like it is from the past. 237 more words

Pumped Up Kicks Chords by Foster The People

Pumped Up Kicks Chords by Foster The People

Capo 1

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