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After a wonderful trip away we caught the overnight flight back from New York and landed in the morning, very tired.
We were picked up by… 261 more words


Thin Crisp bread with seeds

You might also call this biscuits, but the important thing is that it is crisp and thin!

When I made this bread I had no rolling pin, therefore I didn’t get it as thin as preferable. 388 more words

Bread & Cakes

Smokey Pumpkin seed sauce (Vegan)

TIme for dinner?  Too tired to make a grande meal? Want something light? This was how I felt two night ago so I made this. Sounds simple but does NOT compromise on flavour. 210 more words

Pumpkin Seeds

Phytic Acid And Why You Need To Know About It

I used to eat a lot of grains, but over the last few years I’ve heard more and more negative things about a diet high in grains, especially… 1,607 more words

Alternative Health

Bianca Amor I Amor You

Two words:

Liquidation SuperCentre

I was on my way home from the Bulk Barns today (spice project, will tell you about it another time) and happened upon something doing at the old Cabela’s location.   621 more words


Celebrations in the forest with sugar-free Banana Flapjacks

This Sunday a bunch of us, led by our wounderful ‘guidess’, gathered in the forest where we got to celebrate our Menarche (a girls first period) surrounded and held by mother nature.  512 more words


Garden: Pumpkins and Apple volunteers

Do you remember a few days ago I posted thisWell four days later I pulled back th black plastic and this is what I found. 127 more words