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Pumpkin Spice

Go figure, but this year I am so into Pumpkin Spice I’m probably going to wear down my family. I want to mix it in everything.  246 more words

31 Days Of October

Trick-and-treat Halloween cookies.

The treat: they’re full of pumpkin-spice morsels — and pecans — and are therefore delicious.
The trick: they’ll turn your tongue black. Maybe not for eternity, but for quite a while. 317 more words


Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Spice Sandies

Happy Halloween People!

Halloween wasn’t always a big thing in Singapore, but it seems to be a big party time in recent years. I did have some experience when I was younger because I lived in an estate where there were quite a few American expatriates, so come Halloween, the kids would go round the estate treat or tricking. 138 more words


One Graph To Rule Them All

In a quest to graph my life, I have stumbled across the one that exemplifies most of my daily experiences. This graph demonstrates a sense of building excitement, turned to apathy, and then disapproval. 335 more words

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere| My Autumn Bucket List

There must be something in the air because about 75% of the bloggers I follow religiously haven’t posted in over two weeks, myself included! A lot has happened, and I have an updated post on the way soon, but first I wanna talk about pumpkins!!! 480 more words


pumpkin spice donuts

Donuts are my favorite food ever, and if it wasn’t horrible for my health, I would eat them for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Every. Day. I love lemon donuts, glazed donuts, blueberry cake donuts, shredded coconut topped donuts, donuts with pink icing and sprinkles.  240 more words

Fall Favorites

Pumpkin Season

I’ve yet to indulge in a pumpkin spice latte this season (especially after reading that Food Babe article about some of the ingredients, yikes!), but we have been making some pumpkin treats at home. 238 more words