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Super Scrumptious Shredded Lunch - Kohl Rabi, Beetroot & Apple re-creation

Super indeed, packed with nutrition, I just loved being creative on this one, very satisfying!

Again, yep, I did, I made way too much food for us so some was left over and obviously being too good to waste, the salad from the dinner was stored as Mom’s lunch for the following day. 151 more words

Roast butternut squash triangles with hazelnut pesto

Halloween has just passed and I had great fun. Coming from Eastern Europe I never used to celebrate it, however having spent a few years in England I decided to enjoy more holidays, both local and global. 298 more words


Wish List for This Very Second in Time

  1. thigh.high.leather.boots. (each word is a link to a thlb inspo picture. go. look. enlighten one another.)
  2. some more coffee, delivered to my desk… preferably of the iced persuasion.
  3. 114 more words

Best Proposal Ever

Lance planned the best proposal ever, and I thought I’d share the story here!

Lance concocted an elaborate scheme to surprise me with his proposal: 487 more words

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' recap: Spring broken

Season 4 | Episode 10 | “Spring Broken” | Aired July 23, 2014

“The girls have only been on Spring Break a couple days now, and they’re already getting on my nerves,” Mama June declares at the beginning of the episode. 525 more words

Plumpkin Ale Saison (2013) Tasting Notes

I am doing this a little different this time. I haven’t written about the making of this beer yet, that will be coming tomorrow. Maybe it will be interesting to read the tasting notes before knowing how the beer was made? 735 more words