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Rape Jokes And Coffee

24 August 2014 – 21:06 Hrs

I can’t stand when selfish people are on their cell phone while they order food/coffee/smoothies/ect.  I find it very inconsiderate to the workers.  540 more words

Politics, Politicians & the Art of Comedy

If I had to define American politics and the role currently played by American politicians, I would say that it’s the art of politicians living and performing a joke in which the American people are expected to be the punch line.

Luis Samuel González

Getting It

PB and I got outta town for a few days last week.  I haven’t had a chance to jot down anything since returning home, so I was thrilled when my sister, Robin, sent me this piece.  265 more words

Devo Drops

Henry "Henny' Youngman

Henry “Henny” Youngman (original Yiddish surname ‘Yungman’ ) –16/03/1906—24/02/1998, was a British-born American Comedian and Violinist, famous for his ONE-LINERS, short simple jokes, delivered RAPID-FIRE. His best known one-liner was, “Take my wife ………….please”. 333 more words


Punch Line Business

Susan developed a business to give punch lines to various companies. All in only US$20.

Some of her clients…

Bakery   =   ‘Love the crunch and taste all the way till you feel full’ 34 more words