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Famicon Remix 1+2 Hit The Shelves In Japan!

Famicon Remix 1+2 will include titles playable from the first game as well as some new games from Famicon Remix 2. Some of the games include Super Mario 3, The Legend of Zelda Link’s Adventure, Punch out, Kirby, Metroid, Ice Hockey, and much more! 133 more words


Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Game & Watch with MichaelB

Mike attempts to play his way through Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! without losing a match….will he make it all the way to Mike Tyson’s dream match or will an old nemesis halt his progress…….find out on this episode of Game & Watch with MichaelB/ 88 more words

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Impossible Gaming - Punch-Out

Tristan gobbles down on some Punch-Out on the NES while Chadley mocks from the sidelines. The two squawk on about killing Glass Joe, the inability to root for Little Mac and Rocky. 8 more words

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A cappella Verison Of The Punch Out Fight Theme [Video]

One of my favorite video games of all time is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! I spent many hours of my life playing this game. This video brought back those great memories. 19 more words


The Definitive Punch Out Characters Power Rankings

For those of you who missed it, the Punch Out theme was the given the one man Acapella treatment on Youtube this week.  Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is probably the best game in NES history (with the only other real option being Mario 3).   788 more words

This One-Man A Capella Version of the 'Punch Out!!' Theme is Unreal

YouTube user Smooth McGroove has recorded an a capella version of the fight theme from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! and it is hard to believe it was made by a human being. 38 more words

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