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How to throw a knockout punch

In the event that you may have to defend yourself, assuming you’re in the right, and not the wrong. Assuming you are not just going around picking a fight with random strangers, you are not bullying and just being a dick; you may need to know how to effectively throw a knock out punch. 734 more words


Sibley v Milutinovic (1990) H&FLR 2014-4

Sibley v Milutinovic (1990) H&FLR 2014-4

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

9 February 1990

Coram: Miles CJ

Appearing for the Plaintiff: Mr Lunney… 339 more words

Man Gets 7 Years For Taped Beating Of Disabled Man

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) — A St. Petersburg man who produced and sold videos of scantily-clad women beating up homeless men has received a seven-year prison sentence. 268 more words


No more violence

It’s just too easy to use violence. Usually people start off with some good old scolding which then progresses into physical agression, it happens every day. 129 more words