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Fun With Dots and Dashes

Last week (as I’m sure you’re aware) saw National Punctuation Day come and go. I marked the occasion with a small toast to the humble squiggles which surround, protect and cushion the words we use, herding them gently into sensible sentences and making the work of decoding their meaning that little bit easier. 179 more words


Little-known Punctuation Marks

According to the peeps at Mental Floss it was National Punctuation Day in the US yesterday, September 24th. We’ve already covered commas and apostrophes a while ago, so here are some punctuation marks for advanced language nerds: 74 more words


Punctuation in the English Language

Full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks and exclamation marks 394 more words


Dashing Through Your Manuscript

I’m grateful to the Grammar Diva™—Arlene Miller—for permission to re-post this article from her  bigwords 101 blog.

Dots and Lines: Hyphens, Dashes—and Ellipses . . . 1,118 more words


Two-letter abbreviations: TWO exceptions TOO many. Period.

According to the AP Stylebook, one should use capital letters and periods in most two-letter abbreviations.

For example:  the U.N., the U.K., B.A., and B.C. … 265 more words

AP Style

When Should I Use a Semicolon?

The semicolon is perhaps the least understood punctuation mark. Rather than try to wrangle this mythical half-colon half-comma beast, some writers steer completely clear of it, but doing so can lead to comma splices,* which are just as bad as an improperly used semicolon. 746 more words

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