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Some 'Splainin' About Colons (the Punctuation Kind)

Did you catch the I Love Lucy Christmas Special on December 7? The one-hour show comprised “The Christmas Episode” and “Job Switching.” In the latter, Lucy and Ethel tried, but ultimately—and hilariously—failed to keep up with the chocolate factory’s conveyor belt. 450 more words


The Oxford Comma: Dividing Writers Everywhere

Writers fall into one of two camps – those who love the Oxford comma and those who think it’s unnecessary. And yes, each camp has strong opinions on its usage. 290 more words

Rules Of Writing

Comma Chameleon

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, why ever not?) may have seen this Tweet, which I posted recently:

Apostrophe error means UKIP hoodie has opposite message than the one intended…

1,225 more words


You know those little dangly things that stick up in the middle of words sometimes? No, not the dot in an i or a j. I mean the ones that show up in the middle of an otherwise normal word and stick WAY the hell up like they’re–ah! 658 more words


Comma-on and Write!

Punctuation is a topic that many people have questions about. This is definitely a common question! For this post, I want to focus on one particular aspect of punctuation: 214 more words


Punctuation Games

Play some games and practise puctuation!

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