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Ever-so-helpful hyphens

by Haley Morton

A curious thing has happened in the recent weeks. It has come to my knowledge that as a spring semester senior, I have a serious grammatical problem. 281 more words


Don’t Make This Punctuation Mistake

What’s wrong with this sentence:

“Of paramount importance to any business, is recognition that individuals who are in direct contact with the public are part of branding.” 208 more words

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Commas: Where and When to Use Them

The poor comma.

It’s as misused and abused as the apostrophe, I think. At least for me it is.

Commas are hard to figure out, aren’t they? 218 more words


How to Use The Comma

As I’ve said before, grammar and mechanics are just as much a part of craft as plot, compelling characters, and well built worlds. The comma is one hell of an important punctuation mark. 440 more words