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A brief travelogue : Pune - Mumbai - Goa

Trip to Goa at least once in a lifetime is everyone’s desire but when 4 old friends decide to get going; well it’s awesome! Believe me planning the trip in a local café with maps, smart phones and laptop was an amazing feeling in itself. 988 more words


You Always Die In The Game Of Thrones

Tales of men, exceptional people salvaging humanity from the grasps of the evil are such a commonplace that even the next hipster can come up with a idea and run with it. 405 more words

Holi Trinity

This is me with my friends from Barcelona, Marianna and Daniel. I ran into them at a coffee shop early in the day before I had begun playing Holi. 82 more words


So much space and so many possibilities. That’s one of the reasons why I love my work. These spaces have so many lives with so many stories and emotions. 164 more words

Playing Holi

During March of 2014, I finally had the opportunity to experience the holiday in India called Holi, a festival I have wanted to experience for at least five years. 57 more words



Tommy is a 5 year stray dog adopted by a family in Pune. Since he has spent a big part of life on the streets; being beaten and abused by people, he had issues like aggression, fear, etc. 128 more words


Wandering Around MG Road, Pune

Name me a city that doesn’t have an MG Road running through it and I’ll tell you it’s not a city at all. Lifeline. Hub. Convenient meeting spot. 796 more words