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Perchance to Punish

*the lump of blankets on the couch moves, grumbles incoherently and yawns*

*a rat nest of mussed hair pops out of an afghan fold, your blogger’s eyes eventually follows* 180 more words


Come On Out, Shadow

Before I could move, Noah grabbed the blade of the knife in what I assumed was a panicked attempt to stop her. He hissed as it cut into his hand and black blood ran down his arm, but he didn’t let it go. 2,417 more words

To Abe-zure

I love you so much that sometimes I think too much if that is possible. You are my everything! !!


The Benevolent Dictator: Making Family Rules

I enjoy the term Benevolent Dictator for parents. It gives parents the permission to go ahead and make the rules and to change their minds without reason, without notice, and without regret. 925 more words


Corporal Punishment Paper.

On the left is a screencap of the assignment I had, and the following is the paper it produced. I asked if it was acceptable for it to be longer than 1-2 paragraphs, and I had permission. 603 more words


Riding crop

I’m often asked what toy I like best. While I can’t pick just one I’d have to say that the riding crop is definitely one of my favorites. 29 more words


For my slave!!

I love you Abe-zure. Hope you sleep well.