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For my Slave

I love you forever and always! !


Targeted by The Flying Monkey Abuse by Proxy Part 2

Christmas Eve Antics 13 days After Leaving

Over Christmas my boss was on vacation. I had already talked to him about JR, and let him know that JR’s next move would be to jeopardize my job. 1,326 more words

Where I Am Now

Is Hell an Infinite Punishment for a Finite Crime?

It is sometimes suggested that God sentences those in Hell to an infinite punishment for a finite crime, and that because of this, he is


Punishment time

Ok he gets 250 total swats today. He already got 220 for not following orders and breaking rules. My slave will get the rest tonight.

He is primed for tonight :)


The Legal Definition of Rape (England and Wales)

The law itself

Rape is a crime. It can only be committed by men, however both genders can be a victim of rape. It is defined in England and Wales by section 1 of the… 883 more words


Enjoying our time together

We are eating breakfast and just enjoying being together again. With no emails and not chats we are gonna spend the day together as much as we can. 25 more words