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What education does today?

Is education really educating the children for life or destroying their future. The news report that a four-year-old child was locked up in a dog cage by his teacher at a private school in Thiruvananthapuram, allegedly as punishment for talking in class. 451 more words


We’ve been trying to break MC of a bad habit with various forms of punishment. Nothing has seemed to work, so this time, we had her throw away a small toy when we caught her. 30 more words


A Threatening PT.2

My chest rises and falls heavily at the strain of my control. Sweat drifts down my arched brow as I search for the evidence of mercy. 1,076 more words

When Spanking A Kid Saves A Life

White people, new age black people, scientists, journalists, and otherwise no parenting folks in general are always jumping up talking about it’s bad to spank your kids. 621 more words

Accidental Mommy; Experimental Wife

Life or Death? Jodi Arias' Sentencing Re-Trial


Jodi Arias’ guilt has been determined. The only thing that remains is whether she dies for killing her ex-boyfriend.

More than six years after his death, and more than a year after being convicted of murder, a second penalty phase to determine her punishment gets underway Monday with jury selection. 564 more words

Writing Lines

I sentence myself to write the following lines on a mental chalkboard as punishment for briefly forgetting again:

His opinion does not define you.

His opinion does not define you. 938 more words


You Need to Know About This! - section 354B

Section 354B.
Assault or use of criminal force to woman with intent to disrobe.

Any man who assaults or uses criminal force to any woman or abets such act with the intention of disrobing or compelling her to be naked, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than three years but which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.