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Payback time

Two RBS bankers establish several fake companies so they can apply for mortgages to buy and renovate homes and sell the property for profit. The two men get loans totalling 3 million pounds in five years and buy five properties, of which three in London. 867 more words

Criminal Justice


You have just read an article in a local newspaper about the increase in crime in your local area. The police are asking for advice from local residents about the different ways to… 30 more words


Prisons and Bad Neighborhoods – the Irony of Deterrents, Part #4

Deterrents run on contrast.

The power of a deterrent must be, in some relationship, proportional to the difference between the penalty and its absence, or rather, life with the penalty and life without it. 797 more words



In my vision the locusts ate every green plant in sight. Then I said, “O Sovereign Lord, please forgive us or we will not survive, for Israel is so small.” So the Lord relented from this plan.

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On Spanking/Child Abuse

The other day, I came across these two articles:

A.) The Psychology of Spanking

B.) Pro-Spanking Studies May Have Global Effect

Regardless of source biases which may be present (news that titles itself as “American”), I’d like to address the points and statistics made by both sides of the spanking argument. 1,525 more words

Punishment can't solve everything, but here's a case where prevention isn't even considered!

It seems that when a paedophile wants help beforehand, there’s nothing for him.
“Go fuck some kids first,” Society tells them. “Then we’ll deal with you. 86 more words


SPEAKING CHALLENGE: Do you know any Criminals or Victims of Criminal Activity?

  1. Is crime a problem where you live?
  2. Is juvenile crime on the increase in your country?
  3. Do you worry about Internet crime?
  4. Have you ever committed a petty crime?
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