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Must We Answer in Heaven for Misbehavior we have Confessed To on Earth?

In the article, “The Bible, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Reincarnation,” I wrote this:

In the spiritual world, it is not only possible for us to re-experience events in our own lives from the records of it in our spiritual memory, but for the angels and spirits around us to share in that experience.

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The Bible

Pandora's Kiss: Chapter Three Continued

Leah had found herself in a dungeon, the once silver iron bars were now lathered with thick coating brown, flaking rust that had left a slimy orange residue behind on the small, squared window on the third wall. 523 more words

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Part Two

“Yo, Chewtoy, what the hell did you give Ino?” Hyvan asked as he appeared on the first floor of the house.

Heathe was sitting on one of the tables from the dining table set, working on some papers. 2,770 more words


Part One

“So, seven years?” Heathe asked the patient he had in his office at the moment.

Hyvan could teleport and he appeared behind the patient, shaking his head and showing ten finger as if mocking the patient. 7,037 more words



There are two couples living in a house. First, we have Heathe and Yka. Yka is a college student and her boyfriend a psychologist. Then we have Hyvan and Ino. 189 more words


Bad news, resistance play and punishment

Pheww yet another marathon entry that I wanted to write in its entirety before publishing instead of doing it in parts, be warned, it’s quite an essay! 2,014 more words

How my life has changed..

Wow – it’s been quite the whirlwind at our home and I’m finding it rather difficult to focus on anything other than my Master.  He pushes himself into my every thought as I try to make it through the day – most of the time I’m dripping with anticipation of our evenings activities… 1,430 more words