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Why I Called Time On Time Outs

I am head strong, stubborn and determined. I am flaky, fickle and easily influenced. I am a perfectionist and control makes me feel safe. I am untidy, lazy and easy going.  1,195 more words


Life as a Barack Boy. Episode 3

Episode 3: Iya Rasaki
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I will introduce some people in this episode but elaborate on their identities in latter episodes. 2,610 more words


Training Practices

Weekend posting is turning out to be quite difficult for me. I’m not planning this writing out yet, I’m just doing it when I feel a need to, and that doesn’t always happen when I have enough privacy to follow through. 258 more words


How do you bring down the law?

Molding our kids to be proper adults is, in my opinion the most difficult job on the planet. Every time my kids decide to push the limits and either break the rules or bend them so far that the original rules don’t apply I find that I again have to reach down deep and remember that these are my kids. 431 more words



Well Master and me have had a chance to talk and communicate more and I am relieved and back on track. We, well He, is providing more structure to me for when we cannot be together or communicate regularly. 146 more words

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