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Punishment by ISIS and Saudi Arabia

A few days ago I objected to our government leaders fawning over King Abdullah after his death. I said that the King was a tyrant. 94 more words


What goes around come back around.


Some people think it’s Karma when they get in trouble, difficult situations, or hard time. Many Asian cultures believe in that. What one person did good or bad Karma (action) will benefit or not. 177 more words


Saudi Arabia is a role model for IS

The main difference is that Saudi Arabia is a very rich country and is recognised by every other country as a legitimate state. It is an important “ally” of the US and Europe. 313 more words


Truth is wronger than lies?

It is a strange world we live in. And not because of the abnormalities (and what is normal anyway?) but because of how the passage of time has twisted simple notions that people once lived by, thus making us all twisted in the head. 627 more words

Random Babbling

Indiscreet 3: Cisco's Boy by A.C.Katt

Title : Cisco’s Boy                           Word Count :55, 000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Master Cisco de Loria wants everything from his new sub Greg Harris, that is everything but love, in fact his contract expressly forbids it. 717 more words

BDSM- Service Element

Counter Logic Gaming and Breaking The Rules

Counter Logic Gaming is at it again…

The team that has been around since the beginning and has been breaking the rules since the beginning has done it again. 316 more words



If we decide our rules of behavior then the nature of our actions and the consequences of our actions are determined by us. Thus, any rewards or punishments is also determined by us.

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