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'Blood Moon', His coming and punishments

Last April 2012, while still in physical, psychological, social and mental difficulties due to stroke, the publisher was spiritually told that He is ‘coming in two years time’, not aware then that a lunar eclipse known to preachers and others as ‘blood moon’ is set to appear the same month, this April 2014. 767 more words


Trustful Parenting Experiment #4: No Punishments (& Fewer Rewards)

Yeah, that’s a pretty wordy title, but I thought “No Operant Conditioning” lacked a certain zing. I did not abandon my Trustful Parenting series – I’ve had this one in the pipe for weeks. 1,531 more words

15 Punishments We Used To Think Were Acceptable

I’d forgotten I had done this, but I did a quick list for Buzzfeed (on its community section).

So to see my list of 15 punishments we used to think were acceptable, click  19 more words

18th Century


“I will follow the rules, I will follow the rules….”  I can just hear those words ringing like bad music in my ears right now!! Have you ever been at that point where you were frustrated and you asked yourself, “What’s the next step? 584 more words

Uh Oh! The class is in trouble and I have no idea why

Hi mom,

I have to work hard to retain what little Korean I do know. And I have to work even harder to learn new words. 442 more words


The case of the lying children-AKA Custardgate

This evening has been very hard for me.  One of my children lied.  Lying is something I do not condone and I would normally punish them but there is one small twist which makes this issue even more problematic.  542 more words