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crispy & tasty snacks

Tea Time Snacks is an important part of the Indian Culture.This sections of showcases tea time snack recipes of India like Samosas, Dahi bhalle, Paneer Tikka, Pani Puri ….. :-)

Crispy Snacks

Pindi Barbati (Cow Peas Recipe)

Most people often crave for punjabi food or dishes and I do not differ too. The combination of sweetness, tanginess, and exact amount of spices sums up the taste for these dishes. 471 more words

Indian Food Recipies


Like in the movie Spy Games…the difficult mission to rescue the undercover agent and his lover from the Chinese prison was called operation ‘dinner out.’, even for me and I am sure every mum with a baby going out for dinner leaving the baby would be planning ahead of time and almost like a mission… 371 more words

Food I Eat, I Cooked, I Loved!

Tadka Singh

It was a lazy Sunday and thanks to Bangalore’s weather, we were out on a long walk post noon. With hunger pangs hitting us big time, we stopped at… 539 more words


Chana Kofta Kadi

Here is a recipe to strengthen the bones of the body and increase your calcium levels. Combined with soft rotis or a steamy bowl of rice, this dish makes your meal a healthy & sumptuous one. 267 more words

Home Made Food

All time favourite

(Author- Lakshmi Ravikumar)

Cuisines are as we all know the food and their preparation methods that traditionally belong to a particular region. These hugely depended on the raw materials, climate, economic conditions, religiousness, supply of fuel and various other factors. 578 more words


Inna saara badiya khaana- the Punjabi cuisine

(Auhor- Sukanya Senapati)

Food, one word that makes my mouth water and my tummy grumble! When it comes to food if anyone asks me what’s my favorite cuisine I would definitely say Punjabi! 417 more words