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Megan Schroer of Boys

Boys are a spunky, female led pop punk outfit from Cincinnati.

Where is Boys from?

Boys is from Cincinnati, Ohio. I live in Iowa now, though, so it’s kind of back and forth thing. 338 more words

Punk Rock

Punk as Fashion

It’s been a pretty productive day filled with a lot of punk rock lovin’. When people who didn’t know me when I wore more of a punk uniform learn about my adoration of the genre, I often get comments like “well you sure cleaned up.”, or insinuations that I don’t actually enjoy it because I wear pretty socially acceptable clothing. 72 more words

The Suburbanisation of Punk and Hip Hop

Questlove, the drummer and musical director of the hip hop band, The Roots (and frankly, if you don’t know just who in the hell The Roots are by now, I’m not sure there’s any hope for you), is writing a six-part series of essays on hip hop, its past, present, and future at Vulture.  753 more words


New Music: Call It Off - 'Liars' EP

There comes a point when reviewing new music that ultimately it comes down to one simple question. That question being is it enjoyable. When you’re too busy to answer because you’re playing air guitar and having (probably a bit too much) fun then it’s safe to say the answer is a resounding yes. 359 more words


It's a Long Way To The Top If You Wanna RockNRoll!

(-Pepsi Sheen is excited to see Hollywood’s DIRTY EYES actually give a damn about making authentic rocknroll and staying cool in a police state propaganda brainwashed, plastic age, of winning ugly and nepotism, war and mediocrity.) 1,953 more words

Punk Rock

Album Review: The Menzingers, 'Rented World'

It’s no secret that having a critically acclaimed record can be something of a double-edged sword.  Sure, there’s the initial rather lovely period of basking in adoration and seeing all the toil that goes into making a great album actually pay off for once, but as this fades and the fans find themselves what’s next, the artist(s) then has to ask themselves that daunting question – “How the… 1,123 more words


Standing with the Rank-N-File, Marching with the Underground

Here’s another gem from Anti-Flag’s 2003 release The Terror State, “Rank-N-File” 

I’m standing with the rank-n-file,
I’m marching with the underground,
Our black hearts worn on our sleeves!

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