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LUCA BRASI - " Waves " and " Benthos "

This band plays the kind of heartfelt punk music that makes you feel like you’re at the best house party ever with all of your best friends, just after you’ve had a couple of best beers in the world .  44 more words


Bad Religion - Christmas Songs

(29 October 2013)

I’m not a fan of Christmas. I don’t like the cold, the snow or the rampant consumerism. I find it extremely ironic that a holiday intended to celebrate the birth of Christ has become cause for the biggest celebration of greed on the calendar. 245 more words


Not Watching the Detectives with Elvis Costello

For three-plus decades I have fondly remembered the precise instant when I first allowed that there might be something worthwhile in that strange punk rock movement that was blossoming in the latter half of the 1970s.  875 more words


Final Trio: Countdown to Publication...


This bookcase in my Study shows my journals from 1972 to the present day – and represents, in a very real sense, the start of a journey which will, all being well, reach an important staging post on Monday 22nd December. 265 more words

Daily Prompt

Album Review: Shallow by Pissed Jeans

Sub Pop Records have long been synonymous with the visceral energy of the Seattle grunge scene, so it’s positive news that the label is still home to some pure, heavy-knuckled American punk rock, bands such as Pissed Jeans, whose music is replete with Bradley Fry’s sludgy, face melting distortion and atonal Cobain feedback / Sonic Youth freak outs, punctuated by lead singer Matt Korvette’s screaming, sometimes sounding like some satanic glossolalia, in other words; Frank Black having his first back, sack and crack wax or even Iggy Pop under the influence of bath salts. 388 more words


Paint It Black the Movie

More than just a gleam in Mama’s eye now.  It’s in Variety, and its official, the Paint It Black movie is shot and wrapping.  Amber Tamblyn, a true force of nature, who fell in love with the book back in 2007, wrote the screenplay, fought to get it made and in the end, directed it as her debut behind the camera. 176 more words

Moments Of Clarity