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This is a boot.

It’s Holger’s boot. Holger is the drummer for the DÖRTBIRDS, an awesome Berlin hardcore band we played with at Scherer 8 on June 14th…they’re awesome dudes. 623 more words

I Don't Want To Feel That Weak And Insecure: Transgender Dysphoria Blues Is A Triumphant Return For Against Me!

Warning: Explicit language

This review is a bit late, but since I saw Against Me! at the Trans March after show during World Pride last month, I wanted to review their newest album,  256 more words

Flavour Of The Week

Harvey Danger's Sean Nelson: The Well-Appointed Ghetto

Sean Nelson still hasn’t made his peace with “Flagpole Sitta”.

You’d think, at 41, he’d have gotten some closure by now. It’s been nearly two decades, after all — an eternity in rock years — since the acerbic single launched his band… 3,152 more words

CoS Exclusive Features

Follow Your Arrow--> Part One: The HWA and DIY

Follow Your Arrow-

Part One: The HWA and DIY

A few weeks ago, the Horror Writers Association passed a referendum to allow self-published authors that earn X amount of money from their works to ascend in their membership. 632 more words

Things that suck about being in a band: I wanna see your band

A couple of weeks ago I was back where I grew up for the first time in two or three years doing a show.  I set it up specifically so I could hang with friends and show my band where I’m from.  225 more words

Playing In A Band That No One's Heard Of

The New Punk Rock, Probably Not What You Expect

Not quite sure I agree with everything this Schlichter fellow has to say, but I admire his anything-to-stir-up-trouble rhetorical style, reminiscent of Fear’s Lee Ving baiting the audience at L.A.’s long-gone Anti-Club: 288 more words