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the rebel spell - last run

Without further ado…here it is! The new album from The Rebel Spell! They’ll be playing coast-to-coast across Canada in October/November…



"Let It Be": The Replacements, Generation X, and Sexuality 30 Years Later

“If they hadn’t come along I think we would have to invent them somehow,” impressively bearded writer Robert Voedisch told filmmakers in 2011’s Color Me Obsessed… 2,452 more words

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Sadly, I missed the 80s punk rock scene and the Replacements. I did not even become aware of Paul Westburg until Cameron Crowe's Singles was released in the 1992. For most of the 1980s, I was living in Casper, Wyoming which was a million miles from punk rock. I was not even aware of pop music until the early 80s because most of the local radio stations played country/western. The Replacements, the Dead Kennedys,The Dead Milkmen, the Ramones, Social Distortion, and Husker Du were not even whispers on the open plains of Wyoming. While I may be a member of Generation X, I have not been able to enjoy the recent nostalgia surrounding The Replacements because they were not integral part of my musical education. Ryan Reft at Tropics of Meta has an essay about The "Mats" and their place in 80s punk. Recently, the "Mats" have enjoyed a renaissance and Reft explains that while it may be deserved it probably will not last long. Check out Reft's post.

Prepare Your iCloud: U2’s Next Album is Already 70 Percent Complete

By Marissa G. Muller

Even though some of us are still trying to figure out how to get U2′Songs of Innocence off our iCloud, the band is going to be gifting us with more music in the not-so-far future. 266 more words

The Route 103

Poetry wrap party: Wakefield Literary Festival 30th September

Yesterday evening, I went to this final event in the Wakefield Literary Festival, the 60th event of the Festival itself. It was undoubtedly a wonderfully long and glorious event, but as I have to get up at a very early time each morning to get to work, I couldn’t stay until the end…or until half time for that matter. 31 more words

Crows An Wra - Kalopssia

Label: Barely Regal Records

We’ve all got an idea in our head of what kind of music we like. For some people, it’s a pretty eclectic list; for others, they’re happy to stay within a few genres or styles. 504 more words

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TELEGRAM - " Rule Number One / Regatta "


The London based band have so far to date released two songs, but with some amazing live shows chantable choruses and handclaps plus the driving rhythms with a touch of punk and glam rock combined, plus they are on a great label Heavenly Recordings.


Rebel Girl, You Are The Queen Of My World

I’m super bummed, you guys. Have you also noticed recently that there’s a huge hate-on for feminism right now all over the internets? This makes me sad, because feminism and women’s issues have always been important to me; they have always been part of a greater vision of civil rights that are really at the core of my being. 1,441 more words