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Paul Zone summons the punk playground of 1970s New York

While getting lost in Paul Zone’s poignantly evocative photo-essay/memoir Playground: Growing Up in the New York Underground, a paraphrasing of Winston Churchill comes to mind: never have so many heard and read so much about so few. 453 more words


I Lost My Super-Amazing Girlfriend...I Miss You, Cobra Skulls

I remember the first time I heard the Cobra Skulls. The song was called, Faith is a Cobra.

“well I don’t know if a god is coming back but I think you’re fucking crazy to welcome an attack that would signal Armageddon, but to you it’s just as well cause you don’t know you’re going to go to hell”- 512 more words

An extraordinary evening with the Mad Caddies..

.. that started with a Chilango burrito, some beers and a quick chat with Sascha (guitar) and Ed (trombone) from the band just before the show. 346 more words

Bibs & Gigs

The End of Death By Audio: A Punk Venue Goes Out with a Middle Finger in the Air

It’s common knowledge that the best funerals aren’t dreary—they’re giant, exuberant celebrations of life replete with music, friends, family, and beams of love shooting off in every direction. 899 more words

Wide Appeal

I’ve been told by a few readers that when they see a punk song, they immediately skip it as “not my kind of music.”  To each his/her own, I think, but it’s a shame because most times I post melodies that hopefully have wider appeal.  96 more words

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