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Mike Watt, hyphenated-man (clenchedwrench, 2011)

Full disclosure: I am a huge Mike Watt fanboy and will buy everything and anything he does anyway.

Mike Watt is totally allowed to make a concept album based on the paintings of Hieronymous Bosch (spelled that right on the first try. 102 more words


Record Lection #3-ESG "Come Away"

ESG “Come Away”-I received this record as a gift from a friend of mine who knew I would love it. I had already heard the self titled record EP and was already transformed by its optimistic minimalism. 309 more words


Drawings from The Gosport Real Ale and Music Festival at Bayhouse School.

Drawings of bands The Pretty Things and Local Punk Band Night of Treason as well as some festival goers.


52 Hertz - "Somnolence" - EP REVIEW

52 Hertz “Somnolence”

Let me tell you something, folks. The emo revival is not exclusive to the United States. It has spread to Europe! 52 Hertz, named after the so-called “loneliest whale in the world,” is a German emo trio that seems inspired by the more post-hardcore leaning emo bands like Snowing, William Bonney, and even a little bit of Sunny Day Real Estate. 342 more words


Record Lection #1-V/A "Wanna Buy A Bridge?"

I used to have this thing where I wouldn’t pay more than 10 dollars for a record. It seemed to be pretty logical “keep it cheap” you know? 327 more words