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A Musical Interlude

Well, we’ve had 20 inches of snow in the last 2 days, so walks aren’t very long right now… fortunately, Snaps is managing to amuse himself in musical mode. 25 more words

A Day In The Life

Simple Pleasures...

It’s been in the 20s all day today with a nice, brisk wind; so I’ve had Snaps’ favorite household appliance turned on for him. And he’s a happy dog. 56 more words


From frosty to sunny

Well, yesterday was cold and drizzly, but today is fine fine fine. :D And as I have a sun-worshipper in the house, there is happiness.



My dog smells like a foot. And I don’t mean “twelve inches”.

Come here, baby boy! It’s BATH TIME! (preparing for scrimmage)

–In a mostly unrelated note, I used to get the word “cribbage” confused with the word “scrimmage” when I was a kid, much to the consternation of my card-playing partners. 33 more words

A Day In The Life

The Fine Air Of Freedom

Well, we had a bit of excitement yesterday. Some days your dog just wakes up with a fire in the tail, and yesterday was that day. 648 more words


Just Now

…On our way to bed, Snaps had one of those nighttime bursts of energy and sprang up onto the couch, directly onto *and through* a pile of laundry I’d just folded a bit ago, belly-surfing it sideways into oblivion, as I exclaimed, “Oh! 67 more words