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"The American Dream"

As I got older, I desired the “American Dream”.  A College degree, married with four children, homeowner, and an excessive income. Sounds nice right ? But when I started submitting to God, I grew in wisdom, and I realized that God had a plan for me. 698 more words


My blog about God

I must admit – The very questions I always wondered are the ones I never truly searched for.

Is there a God? Is there a very meaning to the life we live? 281 more words

To Blog or Not to Blog?.. That WAS the question

Have I completely lost my mind?  Do I have time for this?  Well, I may have lost my mind, but I definitely had time to research blogging on Pinterest last night for HOURS!  180 more words


Remove Yourself

Who are you doing this for? Why are you on this journey?

God is questioning my motives this morning. Am I seeking to change in order to get what I want or am I on this quest to acquire what God wants? 275 more words