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Poll: Is Zimba Guilty...Or NOT Guilty?

(Update: Email just in: “I forgot to tell you Zimba is a female! Can u change it to ‘she’?”) -Dana.

In the above photo, Zimba looks like… 64 more words

Welcome To Toesday, Maci!

“It was brought to my attention that I should include the word “Toebeans” in my submission that I sent you a few minutes ago, so here goes. 17 more words

Let The Wookiee* Win

“Hi, This is a picture of my dog, Wookie. He’s a 4 year old boxer dog. Hope you like him!” -Paula M.

Yo! Rocky! Rocko!

“This is Rocko. I sent pictures a few months ago. Just wanted to update everyone- he recently turned two and he loves being pampered at the groomers! 27 more words

Meet Remmington, Your Rump Day Host

Ah, the middle of the week once again, and another Rump Day is coming to a close- two more days ’til weekend playtime. Meanwhile, get a load of the Ear Floppage + Princess Di Side-Eye of Remmington. 18 more words

The Big O

People, this is Otis AKA The Big O- he was a terrific Christmas present for his hoomin, as we hear from Sarah S. “This is little Otis. 39 more words

The Ballad Of Waldo Longfellow

There is a basset hound named Waldo
He loves to sleep and play
Besides those two things, he likes to eat
And that’s pretty much his day. 32 more words