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Hold Still So I Can Nom Your HEAD

You gotta admire the patience of this Dalmatian Puppeh! Here this little furry thing wants to nom his schnozzle off, and all the big lug wants to do is sit there and take it, wag wag wag.

"Hey Honey? Have You Seen Charlie Spidermonkeypants?"

“He’s in the living room trying on his Halloween costume—I think he’s gonna dress up as a Ghost this year. And do you know where your sweatshirt is? 16 more words

Headline THIS To Win A Pair OF C.O. Calendars! "Ears Looking At You, Kid."

12:27pm PT UPDATE: 260Oakley with the very first and finest headline (above,) scores a pair of 2015 C.O. Calendars! (Stay tuned for our next giveaway- or, of course, flash that Visa card… 43 more words

Who Needs A Fancy Store-Bought Dog Toy...

…when you can just nom the blazes outta your standard run-of-the-mill spray bottle?

“I was wondering if you would like to feature my new chihuahua puppy Luna on C.O. 36 more words

Dash 'Tocks

And so Dear Readers, we send you off to sleep tonight and wrap up The Cute Week with this glimpse of Scottish Westie ‘Tocks—say hi to Dashwood AKA “Dash,” from Jaci. 8 more words

Pnut 2

The only thing Cuter than a Lhasa…is an upside-down Lhasa, like this goofball!

“I’d love to submit my Crazy Cute Lhasa Pnut. She appeared earlier on ‘ 27 more words

When Pugs Escape!

Benji The Pug Pup has had ENOUGH of his prison playpen and is OUTTA there.

“This is my Pug pup Benji,” says Sender-Inner Lei D. “We have a play yard for him to stay in while we’re at work….and a couple of days ago he surprised us by showing up at the door when we came back home. 63 more words