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11:59pm PT: The Final 'Tocktober Post

“This is our 2 year old Korean Jindo puppy, Lucas von Kookus getting caught on the couch. He is the biggest nosey-pants ever! Thanks for years of Cuteness and many hover-text laughs!” -Monica B. 17 more words

Alice Just Cannot Be-Leaf It

All these leaves! So little time! (Before the rake or leaf blower gets ‘em.) Hurry, Alice!

“My puppy Alice going absolutely bananas in a leaf pile,” from Jake B.

Dateline: Waynesville, NC- ResQte Of The Week

Our unbelievably Cute ResQte Of The Week comes from Beth W., who is the Social Issues Reporter for the Asheville Citizen-Times. “I had a great day at work today… 107 more words

A Coke™ And A Smile, Please!

‘Member the Coca Cola™ Bears you always see around Christmas time? Pearl The Puppeh is dressed up just like one of ‘em for Halloween!

From Kethia C.

U Can Bust Me ANYTIME, Little Dude

You won’t see this little feller on COPS, tho. Thanks to Elaine G. for sending this story in. “Story from Bahston.com,” she adds. This is… 52 more words

(Nosevember Preview!) Um.....Wow

When we started asking for Nosevember Submissions, little did we know what would be lurking in our in-box! This Nose, and what’s attached to it- belongs to Kiki, and the Sender Inner and Photographer happens to be Kelly N.

No, You CAN'T Have It For Keeps

“Gabby the German Shepherd puppy arrived at her new home last week!” -Marcie H. 34 more words