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It's Snowing In Sweden, Too

“Saw that you were looking for pics of pets in the snow. This is my dog “Vaffs.” I took it while it was snowing a few days ago here in Gothenburg, Sweden.” -Daniel F.

The Super Bowl Is This Sunday!

Munchkin The Teddy Bear is gearing up for the Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks. She’d prefer if some dog-named teams were playing, and we don’t have the heart to tell her there aren’t any of those.

Hello, Hamish!

“This is Hamish, He’s a massive Cute Overload fan, as is Gemma his human. He is a much loved (but crazy) bearded collie. He’s looking depressed because he only lives to be a Cute Overload model one day, can you help??? 13 more words

The Return Of Mari The Shiba Inu

You might recall Mari, The Shiba Inu who simply wears her hoomin OUT.

Well, Mari is back and she hasn’t changed one bit.

*BONUS Freee Translaysh: 209 more words

Are You Trying To Tell Us Something, Frank?

Oh….you want to PLAY, is that it? (Photo c/o Celia P.)

Mom Taxi XL: Tilly On Double Duty

What we have here is…a puppeh, WITH SMALLER PUPPEHS IN SADDLEBAGS. GAAAAAAAAAA. “Hi guys my name is Daniel P. and I work in a veterinary practice… 77 more words