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Flashback Friday: On The Air In 5..4..3..2..

…1! This little puppeh is getting ready for his shot at stardom on WNYC in New York. Best of luck, little friend!

As seen on Vintage Everyday: specific deets unknown.

There Just HAS To Be An Easier Way, Teddy!

Teddy has not fully grasped the concept of…walking around to the other side of the chair.

Totes Adorbs.


Hey Daisy, Those Things Work Best.....

….if you have a little dab of Puppeh Toothpaste on ‘em. Nice effort, though!

Liqidarts gets the cred for this Prosh Pup Vid.

You May HATE Raking Leaves~

~but Penny The Pug has a totally different approach! BRING. ‘EM. ON. BABY.

From SayOMG.

Tuesday Teddy 'Tocks

How about a little set of Tuesday Night ‘Tocks before you shut ‘er down for the evening, eh? Saga V. has been hoarding saving this photo for a Speshul Occasion, and that time is now. 36 more words

Forecast: Mild With A 100% Chance Of Ripple

Ripple (from the Edmonton Humane Society) doesn’t give a…well, a Rip about the forecast in BARRHEAD. (Smackover yesterday, now Barrhead.) He just wants to play. 7 more words