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EMC is now a part of the Puppet Labs Supported program

Disclaimer: EMC is a proud member of the Puppet Supported Program. These are my thoughts and not necessarily those of my employer.

I work at EMC which is a federation of well-known brand names; VMware, RSA, Pivotal & EMC II, and they all have the same goal: the Software-Defined Data Center. 107 more words


Vagrant Cloud Deployment First Impressions with OpenStack

Vagrant describes itself as a tool to create VM based development environments, allowing it to be shared between developers. By default it sets up a local… 1,718 more words


ELK - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana - magic combo

Got finally fed up with the fact that we don’t have all the log files easily searchable and indexed in a centralized location. I know the solution that I came up with a fellow colleague is not an optimal one (yet), but it will already now give us the agility to search the logs whenever it’s necessary. 930 more words

Giant Marionettes in Liverpool

This is really spectacular and very heartfelt these giant marionette puppets detailing life and what was like during world war 1 in that town. The demonstration is spectacular just amazing how these puppets are created and manipulated. 53 more words


Behind the curtains that surround the stage,
Hidden within the depths of his memory, she
Holds her position, and with the greatest of precision
She begins to manipulate her living marionette, 305 more words


Customer Reviews Puppet Heap Playthings Mother Hubbard Among Others - Mother Hubbard

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There is a town around here somewhere called Spudbottom. It is a nice place if you can find it. 24 more words

Friday's Felt.Buzz Positives

Hello everyone, hope you had a good Friday and have a fantastic weekend to look forward to.

Here are just three positives from today:

1. I sold some stuff at the market today (hurrah) including this wizard… 171 more words