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"How do you like my teaching, Judy my pretty dear?"


New titles released! New volumes in the “Doc and Raider” collection: RELENTLESSLY CANADIAN, SOMEWHAT CANADIAN, and WILDLY CANADIAN, as well as NO ONE EVER SAID THEY WERE ESPECIALLY BRIGHT (something no theatre queen’s library should be without!)… all perfect for summer readind! 36 more words

Review Eye Makeup - Puppet Heap Playthings Mother Hubbard Among Others - Cabby

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There is a town around here somewhere called Spudbottom. It is a nice place if you can find it. 24 more words

Soft Toys


Some of the few hundred soft toys we’ve accumulated in this house. 50p each or 3 for £1 – apart from Babe, Babe’s a babe with a secret toy hiding pocket so she’s worth £1 to me. 22 more words

A Child's Heaven

Hiera, R10K, and the end of manifests as we know them

Last week, we started using Hiera. We’re going to do a lot more today. First, we’ll add what we have to version control, then we’ll integrated it with r10k, and we’ll wrap up by migrating more content out of manifests into Hiera. 3,080 more words


62 - The Long Christmas Ride Home

The Long Christmas Ride Home
Paula Vogel
3F 3M XPuppeteers

This is not what I expected when I picked up a play by Mz. Paula Vogel. 816 more words


Libya: A government in name alone

Source, Daily Maverick, by Simon Allison, July 17, 2014

What exactly constitutes a government? This is a question Libyans are asking themselves after their post-revolutionary administration revealed, yet again, the limits of its authority. 651 more words

World At WAR

Halt the puppet show!

Knowing that everything is made by the mind,
• Take ownership of your mind.
• Be a puppeteer; halt the puppet show!
• Don’t be a puppet flowing along with your karma… 27 more words