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Liverpool's Giant Divide?

From 23rd – 27th July, Liverpool played host to Royal De Luxe; a French Street Performance company that specialises in giant puppets. The larger than life figurines took to the streets two years ago, in the April of 2012, for a commemoration to the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the… 714 more words


a lullaby for fools

Sweet dreams thou minion of ideological garbage celebrated in your deluded mind while visions of concentration camps dance through the emptiness of your head. Oh, beg pardon, singing to the chaff of liberalism, those respected trolls of intellectualism comfortable as the strings of like puppets dance for their messiah (the incumbent for those drifting into chemical lobotomy). 24 more words

My Best Friend, Flowers and Puppets

As I said earlier, I am new to this. Opening my life up to the world and saying here have a look at the cobwebs, scars and idiosyncrasies. 447 more words

Giant Marionettes in Liverpool

This is really spectacular and very heartfelt these giant marionette puppets detailing life and what was like during world war 1 in that town. The demonstration is spectacular just amazing how these puppets are created and manipulated. 53 more words

Friday 25th July 2014: the Giants.

Royal de Luxe is a company, established in France in 1979, which tours the world producing shows. So far, so standard. But this is a company with a difference.



Took the Electric Cat out to Figment Boston – as Electrocat in the afternoon, a friendly video fortunetelling Hello Kitty, and in the evening as SECURICAT, a sinister piece about information-gathering, Karan Doczi presiding. 14 more words