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Finally, the Full Budweiser Puppy Super Bowl Ad Is Here

FULL STORY=> http://upthredd.com/links/6507663/32458/1 We couldn’t have said it better :D #dogsoftwitter #doglovers #protectyourpet

Promised Puppy Pictures

I promised in a previous post to show pictures from my volunteer work at the San Antonio Humane Society, and here they are!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching the Puppy Bowl

February 1st. What will you be doing? Watching the 11th Annual Puppy Bowl, I hope! Can you really deny all this cuteness? Before watching the 2015 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, why not indulge yourself in to some playful cuteness of 85 small puppies clamoring over each other and toys? 448 more words


NYC Blizzard Brings Missing Dog Home

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Critical Periods in Your Pup's Growth (2) | Doglistener

Critical Periods in Your Pup’s Growth (2) | Doglistener.

0 to 7 Weeks
Neonatal, Transition, Awareness, and Canine Socialisation. Puppy is with mother and litter-mates up to seven weeks . 1,222 more words



FULL STORY=> http://upthredd.com/links/6509836/32458/1 Please Share with your friends :D #dogsoftwitter #doglovers #protectyourpet

Puppy Teeth

I find it fascinating how much we can expect from someone who has only been alive on our planet for 15 weeks.  Plus they give you puppy breath!