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PUPPY : Ten things I love the most about owning a dog

It’s been a challenge to whittle it down, but here are the ten things I love the most about being a dog owner (I could go on all day. 419 more words



Dear Puppy,

You never had it so good…

…Now, have you picked your color?


Will Mojo recognize the guy who rescued him? Are you kidding?

Yes, yes he does.  Mojo was rescued in 2013 by the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society of Nova Scotia.  Poor guy was dehydrated, starving, and had severe demodectic mange.  26 more words

Pit Bulls

Pics from Olaf and his new forever home!

Olaf loves his new home with his Corgi friend Freya and his human friend Victoria!


So, there's this game

There are puppies involved, but I don’t even know how to play it! It’s called Dogzer, there are minigames, and that dog there is named Warren.