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Possibly the best thing on the web today

I think that’s Hettie with that tiny puppeh. See more of them at Bullambi Bull Terriers

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puppy vs sprinkler

Monkey the staffie puppy does not like water. Owner Stephan says the boy in the photo is Monkey after losing “a very aggravating game of ‘chase the water bite the sprinklers.’ She lost this small battle, but won the war when she ripped apart the rainbird sprinkler heads.”

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Rainy mornings..

I for one love rainy mornings, the sound of the rain hitting your roof as you wake up is so soothing. Not to mention the laziness you get and not wanting to get out of bed- don’t feel guilty though! 78 more words


Just some puppy lovin'

No cooties here. Favorite kisses from my favorite little pup before we hit the hay


not enough puppehs lately

Don’t miss kitteh’s cameo!

Thanks to Kahluah APBT for sharing

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PUPPY : Ten things I love the most about owning a dog

It’s been a challenge to whittle it down, but here are the ten things I love the most about being a dog owner (I could go on all day. 422 more words



Dear Puppy,

You never had it so good…

…Now, have you picked your color?