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Gary makes himself at home

So Matty Leadfoot gets some home repairs done . . . and bonus puppy! Turns out Gary, the repairperson’s puppy, just wouldn’t wait in the car, and who would want him to?

Pit Bulls

Cats and Dogs

Speaking of the puppy, which I almost always am: you know who didn’t ask for a dog? Michael the cat.

Michael supervises plumbers and handymen when they come to the house, even when they’re hammering or drilling. 143 more words


Baxter at 10 Months

Baxter Winston Perlmanchin is now 10 months old. He makes us laugh everyday.

He is enjoying his cave bed very much.


Something for the football season

Now that the Series is over, pit bulls agree that it is time to start playing football

Thanks to The Pet Collective and The Dawg Squad Rescue

Pit Bulls

Down She Goes!

Dear Puppy,

It was nearly midnight when you woke me up by tearing through my bedroom at breakneck speed attempting to catch the cat. Obviously the cat had a spot that NEEDED licking and this had secured your top priority. 177 more words


Popping 1st post cherry

Hello world,

Welcome to my blog about my beautiful panda puppy! I realised of late that my social media sites were beginning to be more about my new puppy than myself, and I didn’t want to become one of ‘those people’- you know the type that update every status about their new baby and take photos of it’s milk sick and dirty nappy! 45 more words


Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Dear Kids,

It looks like love, right? The animals being all sweet and chummy with each other?

Ya, don’t be fooled. This is the treatment the dog gives the cat when the cat has…fleas.

Did I ruin the mood?