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We need more puppy pictures

Those wrinkly noses!

heartmydogvideo is the place to go when you need a minute – or three – of puppy pictures.  I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video; just click on the pic to get your minute of pibble puppies.

Pit Bulls


Beste lezer, welkom op mijn nieuwe site. Op deze bladzijden zult u het verhaal kunnen volgen van de komst van een puppy labrador tot het aanleveren aan zijn baasje.


be a good mouth manager, your puppy is counting on you!

My work is centered around puppies. Puppy development, socialization, and foundation work. And to be honest, it rocks, it never ever gets old or tiresome. These little ones have only been on the planet for a number of weeks by the time I meet them, so everything is so new and so amazing for them. 1,201 more words

Nancy Tanner

Lurlene has a new kitten

It’s a funny-looking kitten though.

In 2013 super-star mom Lurlene added Noland to her family after he was orphaned at one week. The whole family grew up just fine.