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Work Work Work


Well, since my last post, long ago, I got a NEW job! I am a “billing specialist” at a Care Center not far from home. 342 more words

New Home

Happy Belated National Dog Day!

I know some of my posts have been a little Tasha crazy recently, but just one more post. Yesterday was National Dog Day and because it has also been almost a year since we got Tasha, I want to give you some awesome reasons to rescue or own a dog: 69 more words

Pet Rescue/Rehabilitation

It is a Pugalier's Life

So I have a new man in my life .. and I am in love … Puppy love after all is endless love.

Our wee Pugalier pup arrived all the way from his… 619 more words


Best friends forever


My two pups have changed my life for the better… They are always happy to see me and know just how to put me in a good mood! 57 more words

The Puppy Love Crush

We all dream of wanting, at least once in our lifetime, a moment when some good looking person sees you from across a room and they longingly stare at you. 498 more words

My Thoughts On Today


No articles to write. No people to serve food. No errands to run.

Just spent the day with my pup. We walked around outside when she wanted. 444 more words

Barely Standing Asleep

Sleeping in fits and bits
Not knowing where to go
This morning it’s beautiful outside
Inside, I am as dark as night
And as menacing… 100 more words