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Missing Pieces

In my dream, you sing a song of love or it’s just my intuition
But your name resounding in my head, I just can’t question… 199 more words

Of Puppy Love.. a pantoum.. day 19

day 19… NaPoWriMo

On Puppy Love.. a pantoum

In the expression lies the answers

All that sweetness carries the heart homeward

Of puppy love in the fluff and cuddle… 202 more words



We stopped in at our vet this morning to pick up some special food for Bella and Beary. They both seem to have upset tummies, probably because our suitcases are out and they don’t like it when we go away. 143 more words

Molly and her new adopted Puppy..

Molly’s mothering instinct kicked back in as soon as she smelled that puppy that Xander brought home. She has been babying her ever since.. I found a good home for the puppy so now I have to figure out how to get her away from Molly without breaking her heart. 146 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Puppy love

A year and a few months ago I finally caved and bought my daughter the puppy she had been begging for for literally five years. I tried to hold off knowing how much work it would be but I’m a dog lover too, what can I say. 184 more words

Puppy Love

My two children are clever, beautiful, cheeky and … hairy.  I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with my two boys Sachi (my little Mexican 6 year old Chihuahua) and Roman (my 6 month old Hungarian Vizsla).  331 more words

Dear Natalie Louise

The Attraction 27 (conclusion)

Chapter 25.

Dan was in Abuja to pay Uche a visit. He took a taxi to her house and alighted with the package he was carrying. 955 more words