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A beautiful deer that looks just like my Izze ☺☺

The Greening – http://pinterest.com/pin/104779128805737122/?utm_source=android_share

Izze my Toy Fox Terrier has all the same mannerisms as a deer….  And gets spooked like one too… And hides under the couch ☺

Puppy Love

Don't give love letters Part 2

A GIRL I liked gave me a love letter when I was 13. It was the best feeling in the world. She was a primary schooler, I was a high schooler, it was a perfect match except we didn’t catch the same bus. 945 more words


My First Kiss

I haven’t told about my first kiss yet since I started this blog with high school, and my first kiss happened in 8th grade. (I told you I was a late bloomer!) Aaron and I had been classmates and friends since 1st grade. 410 more words

You need a dog

I’ve been fortunate to have four dogs throughout my life that have been part of the family. The first, Andy, was a Golden Retriever show-dog that had broken its leg and was then given to us by the owner. 638 more words

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100 Facts About Me

Interested in knowing more about me?  Then keep reading.  :)

100.  I am get scared of horror movies.  Even the “B” flicks.  Paranormal Activity… 4,362 more words


To Be Only Yours I Pray...

She waved goodbye to her youngest, four year old son who sat clinging to his father on the backseat of the motorcycle, blowing prayers on him as he grunted about going to school. 399 more words

Short Stories

Silent Sunday {even when she's sleeping}

One paw on her little sister – looking out for her, even when she’s sleeping.