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Follow These Tips To Train Your New Puppy

In order to establish a great relationship with your dog, dog training is essential. Training your dog can be hard, but the more you learn about it the better off you will be. 394 more words


Play Training Your Puppy

Have you ever wondered what makes a spectacular dog trainer or how the owner and dog have built such a great rapport? Quality time and commitment is what it is all about. 709 more words


How to Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fears

When we first got Tasha, she was very afraid of the shower, even to the extent that she would not go in the bathroom while we were in there. 599 more words


Enrichment is the act of changing an animal’s environment to encourage species-specific behaviors. The enrichment I provide for my pet gerbils, Wheelie McGerbilface and Silent Bob, consists of opportunities to chew, burrow, dig, climb, nest, and run. 466 more words

Basic Training

Diary of a Gun Dog: From Puppy to First Shoot. Episode 2: Exploration

In the second episode of our new series we’ll be keeping up with an excited Oscar. Having had a little more time to get used to his new home, it’s now the moment for him to finally go out on proper walks, as he’s had all his jabs. 800 more words

Dog Nutrition & Health

Got a minute?

The alarm on my phone chimes as I’m putting together behavioral case notes to send to a client’s veterinarian. I switch it off, then count 15 treats into my hand. 912 more words

Basic Training

How Not to Train a Dog #4

On occasion, it is necessary to cordon of areas that your puppy may cause trouble in. Visiting relatives with cats is an obvious example. However, one should not confuse your puppy with a grandparent. 60 more words