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What Is Motivation?

When we are trying to understand why individuals — canine or human — behave in a certain way, we are trying to understand what motivates them. 682 more words

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Training Tips for Your Pup

Dogs are man’s best friend, they follow without asking when and where to go, play with when you feel frustrated, provide you full-proof security and love you at times when you feel lonely. 236 more words

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Rebel without a Cause Puppy Training

Hi friends,

For the past six weeks Bella has been taking Puppy Obedience Training at PetSmart. The puppy class meets each week and teaches Bella and me the fundamentals to ensure Bella is a well-behaved family member and a good citizen. 177 more words

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Rethinking Obedience

“The walls and grids that restrain your animals restrain also your own knowledge.”
— Vicki Hearne
What I call “old-school” dog trainers — those who operate from the assumption that the human has “to be the alpha” in his or her relationship with a dog — don’t, in my opinion, credit dogs with much in the way of cognitive ability. 489 more words

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How to find a positive trainer in Singapore for this girl, click to read.


Using Games to Increase Attention and Focus in the Performance Puppy

Attention is the foundation for a good performance. Attention is a learned behavior. Without a puppy or adult dog’s attention, you cannot teach him anything. In obedience, attention is learning to ignore distractions, be they other dogs and people, noises, or smells, while maintaining a specific head position, such as in heel position.  1,376 more words

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Teaching or Training?

Puppies, like babies, are born with the potential to learn and problem solve and think. They are innately curious and begin investigating their world even before they open their eyes. 662 more words

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