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The pup knows...

In every Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy life there comes the next right of passage…Puppy Camp.  Once the pups reach 6 months of age

Impulse Control, Resilience, and Fake-Outs

The first order of business: I guess Feist saw my previous post and decided ‘Darn, she’s on to me! Better drop all that stuff, and not go into heat until she’s less vigilant so I can have 10,000 devil-spawned babies!!’. 416 more words

Border Collie

Pixel's Visit to the Vet

I have now had Pixel for two weeks.  I have never had a puppy where I was the one responsible for everything to do with her.   759 more words


Tips on How to Socialize Your Puppy

The most important thing you can do as an owner is to learn how to socialize your puppy. Most social behavior is learned during the time spent with the pups Mother and siblings. 487 more words

Dog Training

Going to the Dogs!

I’m handing this blog over to my husband for a moment because he needs to tell you about the coolest thing he’s done in a long time.   837 more words

Introduction to competitive heeling

Heeling is what counts, well for me it does! Everytime I’m watching a competition or competitor I look at the heeling and if it’s not stunning, then I’m not really paying much attention to this performance. 655 more words


Why It Is Important to Exercise Your Puppy

Every puppy needs daily exercise, both mental and physical to ensure their energy has been drained, and to help keep them on their best behavior, and depending on the breed and age, they may require between 30 minutes for puppies aged 5 months, up to a couple hours for older adolescent pups, aged 6-18 months. 358 more words

Dog Training