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Playing with Puppies !

So on Monday it was a gorgeous day and after my plans fell through, my best friend and I decided to take a trip to a special little puppy store in Chelsea called Citipups. 228 more words

Fire crews rescue pup stuck in storm drain

St. Louis firefighters may have been caught off guard when they were called to save a puppy that was trapped in a drain.

KTVI reported that Cocoa Young, the owner of a two month old teacup Chihuahua ironically named Storm, said the puppy tried to jump over a storm drain in the yard and got stuck. 147 more words


How'd I get here?

I grew up with dogs…good dogs. Better than that…GREAT dogs. First our dalmatian Pepper, then our collie Redd, my favorite. I loved her so much that I never got over the desire, almost a… 238 more words


Puppy Trouble

I keep raving about Lincoln and how he’s just the BEST puppy ever. And really, in comparison to many puppy horror stories, he really is good. 244 more words

Day 41: Puppy Munchie

I came across this little guy at the realtor office I visited with a friend today. As we were laying out our preferences for the realtor, the 8 week old pup snuck around the corner of the desk and scared my friend, since she had mistaken the puppy for a large white mouse. 61 more words

Anal Awkardness

So a legitimate, non creepy and totally not sexual service our grooming salon offers is an expressing of a dog’s anal glands. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, dogs have a little gland sac under their butt that fills up with foul smelling liquid. 133 more words