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Monkey see Monkey do!

Hi Everyone!

So lately…the two dogs (Cookie and Ruby) have been acting very similar to each other….it’s kind of funny but at the same time we really don’t want Ruby to pick up Cookie’s bad habits. 225 more words


Weekend dose of Churchill

I came to notice that since I’ve started blogging again I’ve showed you Churchill only one (here). And because he’s the funniest most adorable big fat puppy I think it’s time you see how much he’s grown up for the past few months. 122 more words


Photo for the day

I know I’m suppose to be doing a photo a day for the 365 photo a day challenge, but in this busy hectic lifestyle of kids, trying to keep up with the house work, trying to take care of business etc it’s not always easy to get time to do it everyday, but that’s ok :) I have however managed to take a moment to snap these beautiful photographs for the challenge, I especially love the one of my husband giving my youngest son a kiss on the forehead while he slept. :D

Coffee....I need coffee.

The little one woke me up almost 2 hours before I actually needed to get up this morning. Getting from lying down to standing up felt like climbing Mount Everest. 21 more words

A Little Bit Of Everything

Dog's Life Week Zero

“They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel.”
― Gabrielle Zevin 110 more words

Al's Life

Something Old and Something New in Sector Alpha CMa

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 2-50. Prompt is to include a puppy, along with the photo prompt shown.

Caruso with phonograph, early 1900s. … 171 more words


It's Not Easy Being Me

I think I am driving my human mom crazy. She promises me she still loves me!

German Shepherd