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Costa Rica: Land of Pura Vida

Pura Vida: full of life, this is living, going great, real living

My favorite beach has to be in Costa Rica. The water was just amazing. 272 more words


Descending into San Jose

As I woke up at 4am to leave for my flight on Saturday morning, countless emotions filled my head. I was nervous but excited, trying not to think about leaving my family but instead about what was in store for me when I arrived. 184 more words

Heredia, Costa Rica

Day One

Today was the first day of class and I’m going to be completely honest: I got my butt kicked. I started the day bright and early with yoga at 7am. 282 more words

Where the hell are we going?

One of my favorite feelings is being lost. I know, it sounds crazy. But that feeling of uncertainty with no idea of a particular destination in mind is one I cherish. 2,308 more words

¡Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!


I started this blog to document my time in Costa Rica. I am here for two weeks with a program called School of the World, located in Jacó and I could… 289 more words

Pura Vida, Bebe!

Pura Vida, “pure life” – that’s the slogan of Costa Rica. And I couldn’t wait experience the purest of life here.

From Boquete, I caught a bus in David – where a woman from Sweden who I met previously in the San Blas Islands of the coast of Panama also happened to be waiting and planning her next move. 452 more words