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YSL Nail Polish

So I don’t usually do a lot of beauty posts, since the beauty department definitely isn’t my area of expertise. I still consider contouring to be a strange magic that takes you from war paint to Kim Kardashian with just blending. 221 more words


Mobile affects Payments before the Store

Retail ads including information about discounts engage Mobile users

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Mobile Purchases

Why Bikes are Better.

So I recently made a purchase. It’s not just any type of purchase, for this kind was LIFE CHANGING, or at least potentially life changing. I invested my semi-hard earned money into a bicycle! 364 more words

Mall Cops

This play on words is a new category I’m featuring on my blog, called “Mall Cops”. These are items that I purchased exclusively from inside a mall, so online shopping and thrift stores don’t count. 46 more words


Uni Essentials Haul

Last week I went to my induction meeting at uni and this means I’m officially going back as from tomorrow! At the moment I’m a mixed bunch of emotions because of how stupidly busy I’ve been these past few weeks, adding study time into that seems terrifying at the moment. 727 more words


september purchases

hey everyone,

this is gonna be a post of all my september purchases, and also as i mentioned in my last post i went shopping yesterday for all my new autumn gear. 738 more words


Day 106 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  If experiences make us the happiest, why do we spend money buying so many things and so much stuff. Cut back on the stuff and experience more.

Living Below Means