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Italians, Made in Italy, e commerce: purchasing behaviour and new business opportunities

During these last years, a new market trend changed our way to purchase: the growing usage of e commerce platforms. This means that buying is easier for people now: a pc – or a tablet or a mobile phone – and an internet connection are the only tools required. 1,571 more words

Made In Italy

7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

1) Pay your bills on time every month.

The single most important thing you can do for your credit score is to pay at least the minimum payment (the amount you’re required to pay) for each bill on time every month. 335 more words



1. Education & Experience

Hiring a professional that specializes in a service has been known to save the consumer time.  Working with a Realtor that is active in the market important.  462 more words


The Tinusaur Boards are Back in Stock


All the parts were received from our suppliers – The Tinusaur Board and The Tinusaur Starter are back in stock at our online store… 85 more words


Visualize a Customer's Journey

Google have helpfully updated their visualisation tool as outlined in this blog post. Check out the tool and discover how folks follow the path to purchasing your product.


it's not scope creep; it's business as usual

My dislike of management speak is well documented here, but I still have to deal with its use on a daily basis and one such expression that has cropped up a lot over the last couple of weeks is Scope Creep. 407 more words

The Monday Musings Column

Lokerping EPC

EPC Contractor who has several projects in Custody Metering System is looking for the following positions:

  1. Manager for Custody Metering System Project (MMP): Having experience in handling metering System for Gas & Liquid.
  2. 162 more words