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Ballet Barre Workout

So, this month of December I decided to torture myself by joining my local Pure Barre group. Okay, so it’s not really torture but the classes are definitely giving me a workout. 729 more words


Becoming Un-Fat.

When you’re a young adult you don’t have a care in the world. McDonald’s is a fine dinner option, staying up all night with your friends partying and drinking can be made up for with four hours of sleep (resting up so you can do it again the next night), and your idea of a “good workout” consists of following an exercise routine in the back of a Cosmo exactly one time through, once a week (maybe). 640 more words


Why I'm High-Fiving the Flu

Lose Your Ground

These last four months I have been pretty hard on my body, staying up too late, cutting out me time, downing too much caffeine and spark, and asking my morning persona to become a night owl for the sake of survival. 802 more words


Nothing Pure about Pure Barre

Over the last year I have tried a lot of various barre classes from coast to coast. What can I say, when I love something on the verge of slight obsession I try to get my fix in whenever and wherever I can. 506 more words


Pure Torture

Yesterday, as I was about to hit “publish” on this ode to my hatred for cross-training, I saw that Colby had published a new post – about her love of cross-training. 814 more words


Lift | Moan | Burn

Pure Barre, ladies. It’s the newest fad in the Upper East Side, Frye-wearing, M-R-S degree world. So naturally, I signed up thinking that this would be like the Mindy Kaling version of working out . 956 more words

ClassPass Review: Pure Barre Highlands

First, the good news: ClassPass has already proven to be amazing and I can barely move without feeling a sore muscle after my Pure Barre class (yes, that’s a good thing). 1,051 more words

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