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Lao New Year (Pii Mai Lao)

I knew that Lao New Year was going to be wet.
But I didn’t expect it SO wet.
And I am not talking about rain. I am talking about people throwing buckets of water at each other in the streets for hours each day. 329 more words



People say I love to suffer, And…I suffer from Love, but is it greater to suffer from lost love or lack there of….and if love is lost, was it ever love, and is love lost? 47 more words

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Truer words were never spoken. Follow more of B's soulful poetry and journey at http://justbpoetry.wordpress.com

Monday in Holy Week

The Costly Sacrifice

Isaiah 42:1-9Psalm 36:5-11; Hebrews 9:11-15John 12:1-11 

Mary took a pound of costly perfume made of pure nard, anointed Jesus’ feet, and wiped them with her hair.

327 more words

Narconon Arrowhead Releases Review of Graduate with 10 Years Sober

For years, Kelly had been suffering through her life as a drug addict. The longer she continued using drugs, the worse things got, and the more she felt that she couldn’t live her life without drugs. 616 more words

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The purification process has begun! - How to tame the incoming energies, feel at peace and regain your balance quickly and efficiently

Yesterday the whole day as soon as I would close my eyes I would see a whole lot of angels swirling around me. I was shown many visions of what is to come. 2,158 more words

Health & Wellbeing

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Transformation... gotta love it... I've shared many of my ascension detox tips here.

Transformation… gotta love it… I’ve shared many of my ascension detox tips here.  http://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/category/way-beyond-2012/detoxification-shaman-foods-medicines/

You can order my ionic foot bath plates to detox your body from heavy metals and radiation


Indian In The Machine Says

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Was just thinking about contacting you for some tips a few minutes before you posted this... Sychronicity... gotta love it ;)

J'ai testé le yoga en extérieur

Wanderlust in the city

Quand Christene m’a proposé de participer au festival de yoga de Santiago j’ai pas hésité une seconde bien que je sois souple comme une branche morte! 287 more words