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Ask an Author with Jennifer Wilck -- Pirates, Purim, and Passions

After a long hiatus to deal with mounting family issues, I am back with another awesome Ask an Author Friday featuring fellow NJRW member and romance author, Jennifer Wilck. 1,374 more words

Reader Candy

Megillah 30

The Mishna stated that on the second Shabbos we read Parashas Zachor. The Gemara states that if Purim falls on Friday, Rav maintains that we advance the reading of Zachor to the previous Shabbos which is on the eighth of Adar and Shmuel posits that we postpone the reading of Zachor to the following Shabbos which is the fifteenth of Adar. 150 more words


Esther 9:26
“So they called these days Purim, after the name Pur.”

Feasts were an important part of the Israel’s annual worship. In the Law, God established seven feasts, which occurred during three different seasons of their calendar year. 262 more words


Megillah 19

The Gemara states that HaShem showed Moshe the fine interpretations of the Torah, the fine rabbinic interpretations, and what the Sages would innovate in the future. 489 more words

Megillah 14

The Gemara states that the removal of the signet ring by Achashveirosh aroused a greater repentance amongst the Jewish People than the forty-eight prophets and seven prophetesses who prophesied for the Jewish People. 114 more words

Megillah 12

The Gemara cites the verse that states (Esther 1:8) וְהַשְּׁתִיָּה כַדָּת אֵין אֹנֵס, and the drinking was according to the law, there was no coercion. The Gemara states that this means it was according to the law of the Torah. 159 more words

Megillah 7

The Gemara states that Rabbah and Rabbi Zeira partook of a Purim meal together, and when Rabbah became intoxicated, he arose and slaughtered Rabbi Zeira. The following day Rabbah prayed and Rabbi Zeira was restored to life. 424 more words