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"Live much in the smiles of God" by Robert Murray M'Cheyne

“Learn much of your own heart; and when you have learned all you can, remember you have seen but a few yards into a pit that is unfathomable. 271 more words

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"This precious and tender message about Christ" by Martin Luther

“The New Testament is a book in which are written the gospel and the promises of God, together with the history of those who believe and of those who do not believe them. 357 more words

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Praise & Thanksgiving

Puritans are often thought of as, well, puritanical, in the most negative sense possible. However, when reading a collection of puritan prayers gathered together in a small volume titled The Valley of Vision, the hearts of these men of God are much greater than priggish-pietists, prudishly forcing others to think and feel the same. 357 more words


"The most beautiful and glorious object in the world" by Jonathan Edwards

“Another property of light is to be beautiful and pleasant to behold. How dreadful is it to be in horrid darkness, how horrible is it to nature; and how pleasing is the light, how agreeable is it to the eyes. 169 more words

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"When the glorious morning comes" by Jonathan Edwards

“Is Christ Jesus the light of the world? What glorious times will those be when all nations shall submit themselves to Him, when this glorious light shall shine into every dark corner of the earth, and shall shine much more brightly and gloriously than ever before. 153 more words

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"Endless, bottomless, boundless grace" by John Owen

“Observe the endless, bottomless, boundless grace and compassion that is in Christ, who is thus our husband, as He is the God of Zion. It is not the grace of a creature, nor all the grace that can possibly at once dwell in a created nature, that will serve our turn. 575 more words

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"What a wonder!" by Stephen Charnock

“Now let us consider, what a wonder of power is all this: the knitting a noble soul to a body of clay, was not so great an exploit of Almightiness, as the espousing infinite and finite together. 126 more words

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