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The Power of Purple!

Each of us has more than one side to our personalities. Before Yellow took over my life, I was mostly a ‘Purple’ person.  All things Purple in its hues, tints and shades were my passion, especially the lighter ones like lilac and lavender. 573 more words


Thistle Worry

My mom (deceased) and I are walking toward the pasture.   The pasture has rich, various grasses (not the fescue that was there) and a mixed population of forbs as if the horses have not been grazing it for a long time.   358 more words


Longing for my Macro Lens

Nikon D3000
18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 200


I really need to get out more

Last week around this time I was getting my lip pierced with this lovely lady, my longtime friend, Jess.  Saturday I ended up having to do a top to bottom cleaning of the apartment so that the building can start doing showings.   53 more words

Bad Unicorn

FIC Clark    •    AR Reading Level: 6.1    •    AR Points: 13.0    •    Quiz #158195

Princess is a bad unicorn and she has just made a deal with an evil wizard.   168 more words