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"in the backyard"

in the backyard
the rainbow in the birdbath breaks -
a sipping Magpie 


Child blowing bubbles looks up

Rainbow appears in the sky

(c)Sara… 9 more words

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A Fibonacci of the World

rage across
the earth,
adding to nightmares
of fire, flood, earthquake, mudslide,
disappearing planes, sinking ferries, and school violence.
We poison our planet, fail to protect our children, and crash                                                               the moon’s side on purpose. 44 more words

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Fishing at Night

Hooks dangle from boat

Lazy lambent night, full moon

Fish see well in light

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #452/fishing

Purple's Home


Run to the playground.
Ride on swing,
climb those bars,
play softball or iron tag.
Spring is here-outdoors!

Unplug yourself from
phones, ipods,
ipads, nooks. 28 more words

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A mess of aching bones,
sharp pain in limbs, a sway
in her walk.  Twice in one
year, bridges for her mouth.
Rocking in the ancient creaking… 40 more words

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Got Gravy?

Her? Oh honey, she’s riding
the gravy train, plain
and simple. Her fingers
are thick with rings.
Well, no wonder, she is
half his age. Stage of life… 54 more words

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Sitting in temple

Prayer shawl fringe rests on stomach

Rumbling, cleansed of sin

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #451/Fasting

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