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So Many Clocks

Written for dVerse Poets
This week I would like you to reflect on the subject of time or on clocks, which measure time. Use the subject in any way you wish. 128 more words

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Brain Drain (a limerick)

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “It’s Raining, Again (outside)”
But, this time you’re caught outdoors in the storm. Do you run for shelter? Seek refuge in a clearing in the rocks? 49 more words

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"hot night"

Written for:  Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #18
Jessica Slavin on Issa

hot night –
bats dangle
at the river’s edge

© Issa

Sweat drops on brows… 13 more words

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Crater Lake

Written for Creative Bloomings, “Your Area Adventures”
So tell us about your town, city, state, country… places where you can escape for the day or week to camp, or be amused in a park setting. 101 more words

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Impossible Choices

Written for Poetic Asides #272
Write a tough spot poem.

Decision to make,
how to spend
last of funds.
Choices: food or medicine
Either way, can’t win. 18 more words

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Cooling Pies

Written for:  Carpe Diem #521 Issa (4), “O cooling melons!”
Write a poem in the same tone, sense, and spirit as Issa’s.

if anyone comes, 105 more words

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