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Edges of the World

Written for The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #174

Words:  demimonde, transgression, rites, asylum, gray, candle, Africa, myself, oranges, grand, reborn

Transgressions of the demimonde
cut a swath of gray across… 53 more words

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Light Lessens Fears

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, #163, “Fears, Phobias, and Foibles”
Deep inside of us all, we have that one thing that makes our knees shake and stomach churn. 97 more words

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Child of the Mushroom Cloud

Written for Red Wolf Poems, We Wordle #24

Words:  life, doubt, swings, legs. stood, crashing, fight, mushroom, fiery, sturdy, stern, strokes, nose, found, ear, low, asylum, dust, luxury, alley, chills, fishnet, glassy, rang, frayed, winds, clasped, water, roots, froze, soap, salt, bread, turn, white, crisp, air, gone, proud, great, claim, miles, face, mirror, fence, drapes, paper… 278 more words

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Written for:  Midweek Motif ~ Happiness
Your Challenge is to respond to one of these poems OR to choose one or two lines for your jumping off place. 76 more words

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Italian Restaurant

Written for:  Poetics Aside #275, Write an upside down poem.

Espresso, Italian cheesecake
baked on the premises, a beginning
of luscious tastes
to start our empty canvas. 57 more words

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A Hay(na)ku

Written for Creative Bloomings, InForm:  Hay(na)ku

Hay(na)ku is a poem written in 3-lines, with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third. 11 more words

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Hi all

Quick note to let you know that I may not be commenting for a week or so.  Have our friend in from New York.  Having a great time!





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