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Here For A Reason

You are here for a reason. There is nothing accidental about you. There is a specific purpose, assignment, and mission on earth that only you can fulfill. 6 more words


YOLO, Right?

I’ve been deeply disturbed recently about how people get hate for wanting to do the right thing. Could this be any more ironic? That people find it hard to wrap their minds around the thought that you long to live for something far greater than just yourself. 350 more words


The Secret to Success

Freedom of choice has always been a gift.
The choice is ours to take or give away.
Freedom to choose the paths we make and trod. 384 more words


It May Be a Long Shot

Whether it is writing, painting, singing, or designing bridges, this quote about the odds is funny and true.

It is risky business to bet on make a living as an artist, doing what we feel happy doing, or what we feel compelled to do (instead of taking a sure paycheck from a job we don’t like). 73 more words



When things happen that you don’t understand, you must remember this: Someday it will all make sense. ~Mandy Hale


I Love You

Three of the most powerful words that touch your soul like no other, that make your heart smile inside, that help you to believe that anything is possible and that give you hope for the future and peace in the now.   186 more words


The Trial - John 18

18:1-10 Jesus accepted His fate. He knew His purpose and He walked in it, the good and the bad.

18:20 Jesus was transparent. We should strive to be also. 76 more words