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Heaven is For Real 'n Stuff

Heaven is For Real.

Just needed to start by saying that I agree with that statement 1000%. 

Second. During the movie, I have to admit, the part that got to me most was when sweet Colton was in surgery and his parents lost it. 690 more words


Do you really want to change?  We always talk about change.  We find it easier to identify what other people need to do.  Why is that? 88 more words

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Do you believe that in ones life time things happen for a reason? Rather it be good or bad? Do you believe there is a higher power that has formed our lives for us, and it is up to us to live the life we were chosen for? 308 more words


Commentary on the End of "Introduction to Christianity" by Cardinal Ratzinger

Commentary on the End of Introduction to Christianity by Cardinal Ratzinger

Just this evening, I finished Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s book Introduction to Christianity. Now that I have read the work in its entirety, I can say with confidence that I highly recommend it, especially to people who have a mid-to-high level of competency in Christian theology and philosophical postmodernism. 567 more words

Out of the darkness

I’ve been very quiet over the past couple of week on here.

It’s remiss of me, but I have a good excuse.

I’ve been reminiscing.  582 more words

Perspective is Everything

I saw a Distractify photo collection making its way around Facebook a couple of weeks ago on famous world landmarks shown in their beautiful and distinctive settings. 478 more words


Waking up to a mindful tomorrow..

Tomorrow is the first day my new life. A new life where I take responsibility for my choices and remember to breathe into the moment, specially when I’m stressed. 627 more words