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The Last Thing I Said To My Father (RIP Ronald Baggs, 1941-2014)

last thing said aloud
to my father was a purr
he knew what I meant

I purred again and again
wished the last purr never came


Something Completely Different Fridays!

Oscar’s (Tail) Tale

Forty Three–Onyx and the Drapes

Eventually Onyx came to terms with the mop and pail.  He had a lot to learn about the differences between being a barn cat and being a house cat.  936 more words


…The rise and fall of
Tabitha’s chest as she purrs;
Her heart beats with mine…


The Daily Muse


Cat purring softly,
The Sound of God vibrating,
A gift of Nature.

Did you know that... The civet isn't a cat...

So although the Civet actually looks like a cat in appearance it has nothing to do with the feline family but are part of a family of smaller sub species; Feliformia suborder and shares some characterises to the cat. 22 more words