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who are we

what are slaves too? money? fame? clothes?

Now it all makes sense...

*Master Betty walks into room and looks down at Starling’s plate of corned beef hash*

Master Betty: “Oh. Nevermind. It makes sense now.”

Starling… 62 more words

Welcome to Mad Hat Cat...

Meet my two buddies… Meatball and WInchester….They are brothers.  I found them about four years ago when they were kittens.. just bopping down the street.  Of course, I had to rescue them.   203 more words

How Hearing Loss Made Me into a Crazy Cat Lady

It started in 1993, several months after my first birthday, with one simple word. Both of my parents were surprised to hear me talk because struggles with ear infections delayed my speech. 804 more words

Community Blog

Blur becomes Purr - Julian Opie style

My good friend Billie suggested this one – so obvious!!! I thought this would be such an easy one to do, and by all accounts, oh my, how wrong was I…. 14 more words


She's a Likes-It-Kitty-Little-Face

*What Master Betty is overhearing from Starling in the other room*

Starling: “Aw! Such a helpful kitty cat! So heeeeeelpful! She’s so pretty!”

Starling: “I’m gonna get her.” 156 more words