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And welcome to the blog for the site for the writing for the person for the art for the money for the stability of mind so that I don’t go mad and begin walking down cul de sacs with glazed over eyes mumbling something about lines and words and letters and people I do not know… But I guess it wouldn’t be far off from where I am now.

Let’s get started.

And Being Broke

Only thirteen days until Christmas? How can that be?

Ordinarily, we head to the zoo on Thanksgiving Day, but the Misses studied during much of Wednesday and Thursday, so instead, we hiked through one of our county’s conservation areas. 299 more words


Far from being ashamed of my tastes and pursuits I cannot understand why every man is not the same

Far from being ashamed of my tastes and pursuits, I cannot understand why every man is not the same. What is more natural than for a man to spend every day wanting to go look at naked young women, more and more and more. 87 more words

Mughal Miniatures on Inequality

Aarthi Parthasarathy takes Mughal Miniature paintings and turns them in to contemporary comic strips. We really love simple ideas that get twisted around like this. Read more of them at scroll.in.


Gearing Up for 2015

Hey Loves,

I just wanted to post this quick update to let you know that I have not abandoned IFP so soon after starting. The other week, I published my first two posts in an effort to squash my procrastination. 224 more words

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