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Paragons of Sorrow and Hope

The lands are trenched
And the fields fenced,
Hear the unspoken grief,
When will it end?
Unwitting they will answer themselves,
When the life has gone from under them, 186 more words

Mona Lisa

Receiving Individual With Vain Pursuits – Skincare Created Just For You!

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I like it when factors get private — skincare that is. And if there’s some thing Vain Pursuits does ideal, that is personalization. 26 more words

Women Ideas

The cult of the Amtrak Quiet Car

I am a self-diagnosed noise freak. Ever since childhood, I have been sensitive to sound—and I’ve only gotten more curmudgeonly about it as I’ve matured. It’s not an easy way to be in an increasingly clamorous world, but I go out of my way to find or create peace and quiet, whether it’s glaring at loud talkers on the subway (yes, I’m that person), requesting to move hotel rooms if the sound from a TV seeps through the walls of a neighboring room, or carrying earplugs on my person at all times. 986 more words


Seven lesson competing in triathlons has taught me about life and work.

On September 14th, I competed in my 2nd triathlon in three weeks. I have done triathlons before but not in such close proximity. While I did not set any records, I learned valuable lessons that can be applied to life and work. 768 more words


Worthless to one, worth millions to others

How often do you evaluate the value of your current pursuits?

Why is it so difficult to delay gratification?

Have we gone too far with the instant access lifestyle or is it simply the changing of times? 365 more words


6 No-Brainer Reasons to Deadlift

Power lifters, Olympic lifters, bodybuilders and crossfitters-most use the deadlift in one form or another for similar and different reasons. From old school to the new school, the deadlift is adored by many. 283 more words

New Year's Resolutions

It’s nearly my birthday!

Oh my gosh I’m turning 26! I am so happy to say that I have been in my healthiest and most peaceful state ever in my adult life the past year. 727 more words