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I Cancelled Dad's Fancy Birthday Dinner Reservation

I just cancelled my dad’s birthday dinner reservation at a fancy Italian restaurant, one that is recognized as one of the best in Shanghai, raved about by expats regarding its style authenticity, and headed by a Michelin 2-star rated chef. 1,993 more words


Humane Pursuits: How New Technology is Changing our Capacity for Hope

Humane Pursuits was kind enough to publish one my recent pieces in their journal. Take a read.


After some deep thought and discussions with my loved ones I have decided to seriously pursue my goals of owning and operating a successful restaurant. I will be making sacrifices like I have not done since playing rugby and will dive full on into this with a take no prisoners approach. 40 more words

On Writing Goals/Challenges

I am currently in the midst of CampNaNoWrimo and my word count is not quite what it should be. Truth be told I have tried to complete the NaNoWrimo challenge a few times before and have fell short of the finish line. 308 more words


The Un-Done List: Learning to Love My Massive Failure

(I know that title is dramatic – I’m kidding with it… sort of)

I can be a bit competitive.

Edit:  I can be really competitive. 2,212 more words


How is the health of your soul?

There are some things we pursue in life, that are no good for us at any level, emotionally, spiritually or physically. But these things are often the things easily recognisable, and therefore easily avoidable. 398 more words

Personal Growth

This is a fool game, and it wasn’t until I learned the rules that I realized I was never even the person playing. Unless you’re what controls the entire strategy, you’re a pawn on this board. 276 more words