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041714 THURS

4/17 THURS Strength: Bench 4 x 8 across

* There is no %. Determine your working weight when warming up – climbing up in weight until you reach a weight that will be for your working sets. 46 more words


Q&A: Push-ups & "Engaging"


I am working on my push-up technique and I have a hard time with is isolating muscles. When I am told, “engage your core” or “engage your chest” I never know what specifically to do. 

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today was day 8 of the squat challenge, day 6 of the wall squat challenge, day 4 of the planks challenge and day 2 of the gba challenge. 134 more words

30 Day Squat Challenge

44 Amazing Bodyweight Exercises

Looking to do some strength training but don’t have a gym membership or access to weights? Have no fear! Bodyweight exercises can be done at home, outside, at a fitness center – anywhere! 34 more words


april 9 - squat - wall squat - plank - guns buns and abs

today is day 7 of the squats

day 5 of the wall squat

day 3 of the planks

day 1 of the guns buns and abs challenge… 77 more words

30 Day Squat Challenge