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Pushed in the corridor - Day 49

In this blog I am looking at a memory from high school where I was pushed in the corridor by someone I defined as a friend. 2,091 more words

“ What Chance ” ~ for life ahead ~

The die was cast

We’d live a time

But could not last,

In this world stead

We’d pushed so fast

For life ahead,

That might’ve been… 49 more words

My Poetry

The Revloution

An updated version a of Gill Scott-Heron’s song The Revolution will not be Televised, it can be found here.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment, 473 more words

Thinking [boxes] Thursday

I would say that makes sense, but here’s the thing:  I kind of like routine.  I do not like monotony – I do like to switch it up, but within the safe confines of my routine. 353 more words

Married D/s

Week 9: Portland by Pinhole on Expired Efke 100

This week’s images were shot on some expired film (July 2010, so relatively fresh compared to most of the film in my refrigerator) from a… 425 more words


I guess I've been depressed

Sorry guys, I’ve been really depressed as of late. It’s like I’m seeping gray.

Lately, a lot of people have been telling me that I can’t make a living from art – writing & music – and they know what they’re talking about.  109 more words