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A Foodie's guide through Pushkar

As big as a lane, Pushkar is world famous for its annual camel fair that is held in November. While the town has its own story to tell during the Fair, I have my own ‘Pushkar story’ to share when no Fair is being held. 402 more words

Travel Story

Travel: India - love, lessons, & adventure


So exactly a year ago I was lucky enough to travel through Rajasthan in India and it was amazing, loved every minute and would go back in a heartbeat! 1,233 more words

Hippie City, Pushkar, Rasjasthan

Accompanied by a friend from college, I voyaged through the travelers’ circuit of The Golden Triangle comprised of the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Although I have traveled solo in other countries in Asia and was prepared for some degree of culture shock, I have to say that The Golden Triangle did not feel particularly safe for a duo of petite East/Southeast Asian Americans ladies because of its male dominated presence in the public sphere. 540 more words


India - part 2


It has been such a busy time since our last blog. We’ve been on a whistle stop tour of Rajasthan but even with only 10 days, we’ve had so many new experiences and taken far too many photos to fit into one blog post. 1,379 more words

The night I spent alone in the streets of India

It was my last day in Pushkar before heading down to Goa for my YTT. 1,085 more words


Subhashita - 19.02.2012

स गंगा स गया सेतुस्स काशी स च पुष्करं ।
जिह्वाग्रे वर्तते यस्य हरिरित्यक्षरद्वयम् ॥ – हर्यष्टक

sa gangA sa gayA setuH sa kAshI sa ca puShkaraM । 38 more words