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Am I Cool Yet?

the moment when you realize your house just isn’t cool enough for a party. and you find yourself catering to their new partner. ugh. i feel great about myself.

Know How to Speak to others

About an hour ago i just went to get my eyebrows done. I go to this new place that opened up around the corner. Ive gone there about 8 times i believe. 382 more words


One morning I heard meowing out the front door, as I opened the door I found the tiniest cutest kitten run straight into the house. If any of you know me well, it is that I am not a pet person; I love animals, just ones properly caged, at the zoo. 162 more words

Harlow Jude

Patient, Tolerant Pushover

I’m the prettiest pushover you ever did see.
Oh, yes I am.
I’m annoyingly tolerant. I probably won’t even realize it’s bothering me until…
I’m only patient because I’m tolerant. 192 more words


14 Struggles Every Pushover Understands

1. If a restaurant gets your order wrong, you don’t want to bother correcting them so you’ll wind up eating a meal you weren’t necessarily craving. 612 more words

Never Second Best

Throughout my life I have always been the third wheel, the backup friend that you call when all of your other friends are unavailable.  I’ve never been someone’s first choice.  560 more words