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Not a complete pushover

I left off last with my children owning me.  I’m back to say that isn’t always the case. You can be tough guy all you want when you don’t have kids but the minute that changes, the things that were “never” going to happen, happen…sometimes.  922 more words


Dating - stop being too nice

So a mutual friend kind of introduced me to a guy who she thought would suit me. (We shall call him Mike. As in Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.) … 649 more words

The Single Life

I've Changed

Why is it, that whenever you make great strides in the right direction, there is almost always someone there trying to drag you down? It is so frustrating! 649 more words


Push notifications in R!

Despite its great litany of flaws, I love R. I love it super-hard. One of the best things about it is that people are always making weird packages that solve your problems; one of the annoying things is that you tend to find them just after they’d have been really useful, and that maybe they solve only a part of the problem. 737 more words


Some people learn the hard way – others can learn from someone else’s mistakes.

 I’d like to think I learn from both.

I pay attention to details & I indulge in the juicy dramatics of other people’s lives. 460 more words


My kids will never....

I recall several years ago being at a store and hearing a little girl ask about getting a new toy and when her mother said no, the girl went into a fit that could have won her an Oscar until finally mom gave in. 891 more words


Spineless Shit

I’m starting to hate myself for being such a pushover -
always fine with anything,
never objecting anything,
going with the flow etc.
I mean I don’t like making decisions simply because I thought others like to exercise their right of choice or do things they actually like but damn, sometimes (or most times) I really… 45 more words