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Silent Sally

I find there are times when I feel like a passenger in the car that is my life. I tend to be reactive instead of proactive. 492 more words

Wrap me around your little finger...

A text message exchange


Dad: “The moment I walked into the sitting room, Teddy: ‘I want bacon!’”


Mum: “Little monkey! He’s just had a ham sandwich! 6 more words


Uh, oh. The Biggest Jerk At Work Might Be You

Work really is just an extension of high school: No matter how self-conscious you think you are, you are probably wrong about what kind of impression you make on your co-workers. 166 more words

Day 247/365: Grateful That He's Grateful

Something funny happened today. One of my co-workers came by my desk and…

PDJ: Can you treat me to lunch?😎
Me: I guess..? 😓
PDJ: Thanks! 62 more words


A letter to all the Gunthers

Dear Gunthers,

So, Friends is one of the most iconic shows of the nineties. It brought about “The Rachel” hairstyle, a new intonation of basic sentences (Could that… 995 more words



Are there a lot of comments about what you wear? Do you keep listening to what people think about the way you carry yourself or your style? 601 more words