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The latest single from this Southampton band is “Pushover” b/w “One” (released July 28).   The song, taken from PLUMES (released May 26), now has a video.

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Pushover ( #14 &15)

So I’m a push over. So what? I’m a good mom. I have a soul, a heart, that makes me human…and it’s a soft heart-so there’s where the root of it lies. 99 more words

No More.

I think everyone needs to start taking a stand for themselves, so here is me taking mine. This is a list of things I will no longer take from anyone. 342 more words


Why'd you think I let you get away with all the things you said to me?

It’s so shameful of me, I hate you. One of my favourite Morrissey songs of all time – “I like you”.

Only I am not going to let the bastards off with what they have done to me. 90 more words


Easily Influenced

I swear I have at least two distinct personalities. You know how you’re a bit different depending on who you’re with? You talk and act a certain way when you’re with your family, your friends, your significant other, or when you’re at work. 781 more words

Me & My Other Personalities

Too 'nice' to be true

You know those people whose faces you just want to punch for no apparent reason at all, except maybe they are just too nice.

I remember picking a fight with a guy twice my size (not so long ago as I like it to be, I’m afraid) because he was just… 535 more words