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Never Second Best

Throughout my life I have always been the third wheel, the backup friend that you call when all of your other friends are unavailable.  I’ve never been someone’s first choice.  560 more words


Silent Sally

I find there are times when I feel like a passenger in the car that is my life. I tend to be reactive instead of proactive. 492 more words

Wrap me around your little finger...

A text message exchange


Dad: “The moment I walked into the sitting room, Teddy: ‘I want bacon!'”


Mum: “Little monkey! He’s just had a ham sandwich! 6 more words


Uh, oh. The Biggest Jerk At Work Might Be You

Work really is just an extension of high school: No matter how self-conscious you think you are, you are probably wrong about what kind of impression you make on your co-workers. 166 more words

Day 247/365: Grateful That He's Grateful

Something funny happened today. One of my co-workers came by my desk and…

PDJ: Can you treat me to lunch?😎
Me: I guess..? 😓
PDJ: Thanks! 62 more words

365 Days Of Gratitude

A letter to all the Gunthers

Dear Gunthers,

So, Friends is one of the most iconic shows of the nineties. It brought about “The Rachel” hairstyle, a new intonation of basic sentences (Could that… 995 more words