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Shirtdress Fan Talking

Just a quick post to share with you my LOVE for shirtdresses.

I am a huge fan of the effortless/tom boy but yet chic look. And when I’m looking for the effortless look and the weather enables me to show out my legs, shirtdress are my go to (along with short suits #ohdear) 53 more words


10 Accessories You Must Have

There are many reasons why so many women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE accessories. I believe it is mostly because they have nothing to do with our figure. 427 more words

How to Dress APPROPRIATELY on Casual Friday

Casual Friday, two words that are often a source of frustration for employers and confusion to employees. What once began as a means of feeling more relaxed at the office prior to the weekend has ended in horror for some businesses and refused completely by others. 684 more words

Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

1. Keep your skirts shorter, to just on or above the knee. Once you cover your knee your legs look shorter.
2. Wear your trousers as long as possible without dragging on the ground. 129 more words

The Perfect Sheer Sweater for Layering

It is eventually going to get a bit colder ’round these parts, which is why you should take a page from my fall fashion playbook and invest in a sheer sweater or two. 75 more words

What is Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire is usually described as less formal than formal attire, but not too casual. Similar to but usually slightly less formal than semi formal attire, it typically means a dark suit or slacks and a sport coat for men, and a cocktail dress or nice blouse and skirt for women. 287 more words

What Gretchen Wore

Raise one hand if you own a red dress? Now raise your other hand if you wear it to the office? Red is a lot more than just a color. 70 more words