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My Favorite Casual Look

You may be looking for a casual yet chic outfit for your next lunch date, weekend getaway or impromptu party. Men and women alike can rock the blazer and jeans look, without a lot of angst. 57 more words

Too Old For Leggings?

Recently I was having a conversation with someone who asked if leggings were still “in” and if they were too old to wear them. My reply was that they are still around and are generally more flattering than a lot of the bright colored tights that are currently out in the marketplace, as leggings tend to be black, so they draw less attention to your legs than a hot pink pair of tights. 143 more words

My New Obsession ~ Gingham

Despite all the pinup girl and western lady stereotypes that go along with gingham, it is a fabric worth having in your wardrobe. I have a fresh perspective on the pattern. 35 more words

How to Wear a Cape

A cape can be the superhero of your fall / winter wardrobe, working relentlessly to save your office, weekend, and even after hours looks from the mundane territory. 44 more words

4 Colors You Should Wear More Often

Pink ~ Pink is the ultimate fountain of youth, as it adds a fresh glow to any woman who wears it. The best way to wear it is head-to-toe, however if you love a feminine vibe or in small doses then tie a pink scarf close to your face for a less girly look. 212 more words

Clothes Without Commitment

Want the fun of fashion and trying new items without the commitment of purchasing them? I found this website http://www.gwynniebee.com. It is for women who are size 10 to 32. 185 more words

Shopping Tips for Petites

If you are 5’4 or shorter, you are probably familiar with the perils of shopping for clothes. Between too long pants hems, too big armholes, and skirts and jackets that make you look like you are a kid playing dress up in your mom’s clothes, being petite can certainly present some challenges on the fashion front. 43 more words