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Bem- Vindo

E corpos como imaginação diante das formas de encontra em coisas desconhecidas, a pena fazer poeta Transforma-los  em formas e dá para arejado nada uma habitação local e um nome. 10 more words

Mi esclava

Después de esta nuestra primera aventura erótica nuestras relaciones se volvieron más calientes, más cachondas y recordando a toño, el tamaño de su polla y como lo sintió mi mujer por su culo, follabamos en casa toda la noche, a toda hora; en el baño, en la cocina, en la sala o en el patio completamente cachondos. 980 more words


Promiscuous sex. Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? One-night stands with total strangers. Meeting, courtship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, divorce, all during an overnight impulse. Checkout time is the end of the relationship. Walking home in the morning with messed-up hair and makeup, wearing the same clothes you wore the night before. Don't worry, no one knows. Yeah, right. The consequences are staggering. Not just to the participants, but also, and especially, to those with whom they will spend a lifetime. While such behavior is not advisable for either gender, given the potential for disease and pregnancy, not to mention the social and marital implications and complications, it is especially destructive to females. I have no idea how a woman can so completely degrade herself as to give herself away to a total stranger. Does she not understand the four- and five-letter words she will be called? Does she actually believe that this will be her little secret? As sure as the sun will rise in the morning her overnight suitor will be crowing his conquest to everyone he knows. Maybe I'm a square. Maybe I was just born way too late. My advice to women - don't do it! Make him be a gentleman. We need more gentlemen. Make him wait. If he is a scumbag trying to force himself on you, you will luckily never see him again. If he is a real man and he truly likes you he will pursue you. For not giving yourself away on the first encounter he will respect you and want you and love you. And they lived happily ever after....


by DC McAllister, Ricochet

Every day we hear about something that is harmful to us, something the government needs to regulate or outlaw, something for which an avalanche of PSAs must be unleashed on the American people as they drive home from work, watch television, or scan their favorite websites. 885 more words

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Cuerpos Perfectos

Estoy harto de que se les diga sobre todo a las tías “no tienes que tener un cuerpo perfecto, acéptate!”. Parece que eso rompe con los moldes y sin embargo no hace más que reforzar la idea de que hay algo que es más bello, que se acerca más a la perfección que ella. 75 more words


Puta Merda

por Vinicius Duarte

Pela praça principal, protestávamos
Policiais patrulhavam, pararam
Pela paz? Piada!
Perigo pelo pescoço passou
Paramos pra pensar
Puras possibilidades
Puxei papo, perceberam - 176 more words

A Rua Grita