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using windows moviemaker

Shirley’s story was made using Windows MovieMaker.

Here are the simplest of instructions.

1. Make sure your files are in a folder, clearly named. It’s a good idea to have an audio folder and an images folder. 184 more words

Digital Stories

I Wonder About the Hip Bump

A few months ago Extra interviewed both Christine and Kevin at the “3 Days to Kill” premiere, and he gushed about how beautiful his wife looked. 177 more words

Attention Shippers

Putting it Together - Tipping

I’ve been thinking a lot about tipping as The Dregs have been performing at Siouxland Festival this weekend.

Every act that asks for tips has to figure out a way to convince the audience to dig into their pocket.   686 more words

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

My name is Selah Jane. I’m a dancer who is overcoming an injury, loves Jesus, and wants to share my life!

I’ve been dancing for 14 years and I am 17 years old. 102 more words

Making More Sense

Putting it Together - The Friend a Day Project is Half Done

I decided to steal the Friend a Day project from Levi Weinhagen fifty days ago.  My commitment was to write about 100 friends over 100 days.   749 more words

Friend A Day