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mRemoteNG - a friendly alternative to PuTTY

I came across mRemoteNG (a free SSH client) a couple of weeks ago, and I personally like it much more than PuTTY/KiTTY for SSH.

Mostly I prefer the UX of configuration a connection far more than PuTTY.  38 more words


How to ssh/putty without password (using public key authentication)

  • ssh-keygen@man authentication key generation, management and conversion
  • ssh-copy-id@man install your public key in a remote machine’s authorized_keys
## 1 - on the client, generates public and private keys in '~/.ssh/id_rsa{.pub,}'
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
# private should be read-write for owner only
$ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa 

# disable user host key database '~/.ssh/known_hosts'
$ cat ~/.ssh/config
StrictHostKeyChecking = no
UserKnownHostsFile = /dev/null

## 2 - private key to 'authorized_keys' and copy public key to the server's .ssh directory
$ cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa >> authorized_keys; scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@server:/home/user/.ssh
$ ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@server

# optionally disable StrictModes; check file modes and ownership of the users files and home directory before accepting login
$ cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config
StrictModes no
$ service sshd reload

## 3 - now say you what to login from another machine; just copy private key around
$ scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa user@another:~/.ssh/id_rsa
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Changing ssh port

Openssh server serves with port 22 as default.

You could change the port number.

$ sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config

You will see “port 22″ right at the top, about three to four lines down. 23 more words


Add ssh keys for a user in Linux

  • Create a new user: useradd tstusr
  • Generate key pair using Puttygen and save private and public keys.
  • Create a file under /tmp directory such as /tmp/tstusr_public.key and paste the contents under Putty Key Generator windows under “Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys” into /tmp/tstusr_public.key…
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Putty font color modification

In putty terminal, it is annoying to read the blue fonts as they are too dark.

So, you can customize the color setting as shown in the picture above.



[GNS3] Using SecureCRT as Console Application

GNS3 comes by default with PuTTY as the main console application, however you can configure it to use SecureCRT. 43 more words


(EN) Get up and running with Hadoop! [Install HDP on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr]

Some of my friends describe data science as the frightful (or fruitful) marriage between computer science and statistics; if you can juice up your statistical analysis with higher-powered computing, magical things can happen! 288 more words

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